Anyone here using a mask?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by stressed, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. stressed

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    Ive been spraying lawns for 15 years.I was hand spraying back when we had diaznon..oh how i miss that stuff.It was cheap and very effective.Anyway ive always had family members and customers kind of get on me about wearing a mask.But last week i had a long time customer tell me that if i dont wear a mask she doesnt want me treating her lawn.And she said the expensive cannister mask not just a paper.Ive tried these in the past and i cant hardly breath in them.Does anyone here wear masks because where im from i see no one wearing them.
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    I don't do a lot of pesticide or herbicide spraying, but any time I am working with something I know isn't favorable for my lungs I wear one. I actually have a 3M full face mask that has the built in lense to prevent anything from getting in my eyes as well. Its a little more costly, but I find that it seals considerably better than just the inexpensive half face respirators that just cover your nose and mouth. The being because it seals around the edges of your face where the other masks tend to leak where your nose meets your cheek (look at a painter after he just sprayed a room & the takes the half face mask takes it off) and is far more comfortable as well. Also works great for mowing dusty areas or leaves in the fall.

    All though you do look like you are prepping for biological warfare (With certain filtration canisters I do actually believe it is approved for such) I wouldn't ever go back to the other style even on a hot day.

  3. stressed

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    If it only had airconditioning in it
  4. nik

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    Most turf products don't require there use.
    The label, as always, will tell you if you need it.
    Your state may require their use. Half masks are tougher to fit and if you have a beard forget them because you won't get a seal. If you can get a half mask that fits you may find it to be more comfortable.
  5. Mscotrid

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    I normally wear one during the mixing process. Spraying in the great outdoors never. If it was up to me I wouldn't wear gloves when I spray but the state has a different opinion on that one. I always wear a glove when reeling in the hose.
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    Tree and Shrub Spraying ALWAYS.

    Turf Granular Insect and Pre Herbicides, I use a 3M Dust Mask.

    Turf Herbicides Spray, No Mask.

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  8. americanlawn

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    We don't apply any product that requires wearing a mask. (I kinda think manufacturers have overcome this situation).

    Note: ChemLawn Corp (the original) did a study in the early 80's. They experienced many many more chemical accidents and dermal absorbsion of pesticides with people wearing masks, aprons, and protective gloves (while filling tanks) compared to those who did not. The masks would "fog up" -- disabaling the employee's vision -- causing employees to fall, get injured, and put in the wrong amount of product. Emplyees also tripped over aprons and fell.... causing injury. Also -- those who wore gloves while filling experienced much higher dermal intake of pesticides compared to those who did NOT wear gloves at all.

    The above are facts. I joined ChemLawn/ChemScape in the late 70's, and that's when Corporate news was provided to all markets and employees. I hope you share this info with others, cuz it is logical info. Tried & proven.
  9. Tscape

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    I was doing touch ups with a back pack sprayer at a local grocery store last week when a lady asked me, "Do you ever wear a mask with that stuff?"
    I said, "no."
    She said, "My God, you should. I can smell it from here!"
    I said, " And I can smell your perfume from here. Since when does smelling something make it bad for you?"
  10. cod8825

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    I don't wear a mask but my wife wants me to I do wear gloves and chemical pants that leave me looking like I just jumped out of the shower. I think that there is merit to wearing a half mask. Though people already look at me funny when I am spraying imagine what they would think of me if I started to look like Darth Vader " LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER"


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