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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mtdman, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. mtdman

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    I got an email from a fellow that lives in Aurora asking about general aeration and dethatching questions, he found my website online and had some questions. I didn't know he was in Aurora and suggested that it would be far better to hire me to do it than renting a machine on his own. Then I found out he lived in Aurora. But I suggested I might be able to find him someone near him through lawnsite, so I'm asking if anyone is interested in doing an aeration for him. He says several of his neighbors might also be interested. He says he's also near Sugar Grove. So anyone interested PM or email me and I'll pass along his info.


  2. marko

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    I am about 25 miles away. I have Saturdays/Sundays open now but would need to do it in the next few weekends. You might also check with Twins Lawn Care and Richmadmax.
  3. twins_lawn_care

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    Thanks for the referral Marko,
    I also am about 25 miles from Aurora, and my weekends are packed thus far. I'd have to pass on this, but appreciate the offer.

    Others I can think of are FLC Dave he's in Bartlett, and may have some time to swing down there if he's up for it.
    Thanks MTDman for the offer!

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    Hey Twins thanks for the referral. Today is the first day I saw this thread. I was doing a search for a thread I started and couldn't find when this one popped up.
  5. Matts Lawns

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    I have a lawn service company in the Naperville/Aurora area and am looking for employees with landscaping experience. Do any of you have any contacts? I have two positions available and would consist of 20-30 hours a week. Thanks.

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