Anyone in here use Walker MB series mowers?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Keith, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Keith

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    People who installed zoysia in my neck of the woods did so based on them hearing it was lower maintenance. So far I have had one, million dollar house that I thought I could sell on the idea of cutting it with a reel. No go. They wanted the $150/mo price. Give them what they want and make it look good cut high payup
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    I hate when that happens. Zoyisa being sold as low maintenance. :dizzy: Really? A zoysia lawn cut high can look good in the short term. Then it turns into a spongy mess. That is if the brown patch and leaf spot do not get into it because of how much moisture the overly thick grass holds. At least most people in Hawaii are honest about the maintenance requirements of zoysia.
  3. georgiagrass

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    We have 2 Walker MTs with the 42" deck and 26 efi, one MB with the 42" mulching deck and standard 18 hp Vanguard, and one MBK with the 48" mulching deck and the 23 efi Kohler. We also run Exmark Lazers and Turf Tracers. The comments about Walkers having a lower maximum HOC are valid criticisms. Some of our customers insist on very tall Bermuda or Zoysia, and you just can't cut them with the Walkers without pissing off the customer for cutting it too short. However, for customers that allow us to cut the Bermuda or Zoysia at a lower height, the Walkers by far give us the best cut.
  4. Ric

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    I no longer cut grass and only do Fert & Squirt part time. I ran the slower 20 Hp Walker with 42 inch mulching decks. The Walker give a great cut on St Augustine and actually save time on smaller yards. You will have less time in weed eating because Walker can cut so close. Fact was I had 60 inch Lesco Two Somes (whatDogs) but used the Walkers to edge larger Properties.

    I bought the 20Hp Walkers because my mechanic didn't need a Computer to repair them like the 26 EFI. My employees bought me out in 2004 and are still buying and using Walker 42 inch Mulchers on smaller properties and edging big ones

    BTW I found at 1200 to 1500 hours Walker engines got tired. Northern Tool had the Walker Kolher Engines for $ 1200 and my Mechanic could change one out in 45 minutes. It was cheaper replacing the Engines and get an other 1500 hours than rebuilding them and having problems.


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