anyone in huntsville alabama?


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North Alabama
just wondering if anyone here is in huntsville al.? I work fulltime at a construction co and I'm just getting started with my own lawn care co. I would like to meet some of you from this area and maybe get some area pointers on where to get me some work I'm hopeing on building this up so I can leave my other job and go at this fulltime.there is nothing like being your own Boss. I work my butt off at my 40 hr job and not making any money .I have past experience in lawn care but somethings I'm still a rookie at .I'm mowing for a friend right now ,but I'm looking for steadier accounts. hope to hear from some of you good huntsville or surrounding area cutters.


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Great to see another Huntsville area cutter here. I have been in the buz here in and around Huntsville for 10 years. I would have several questions for you, to be able to give you good answers to your questions. What I have tried to do is narrow my business down to 2 zip code areas, and just focus there. If you are running all over town it is hard to make the rate needed. If I'm driving my truck, I am not making money. best 0f luck.


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Erie, PA.
My son just went to Birmingham on a co-op for the summer (company called Valspar). Any input from you guys, things to do, places to go, places to stay away from, gyms (he's into lifting), etc? He'll find the bars without any help.

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