Anyone in Martha's Vineyard BE CAREFUL

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ALVW, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. ALVW

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    Picked this up from Lawn & Landscape newsletter.

    Landscape professionals working in Martha’s Vineyard seem to be a favorite target of tularemia, a potentially fatal disease rarely seen in humans.

    Four new cases are suspected on the island, bringing the total to 22 since 2000. And of the new cases, all have infected landscapers or others who work outside.

    Since most of the tularemia cases have been pneumonic, health officials suspect the bacteria is being carried via dirt or grass particles. This explains why many cases involve outdoor employees – mostly landscape contractors.

    Tularemia is a bacterial infection passed to humans through bites from dog ticks that carry the bacteria. Officials investigating the island’s cases have been testing animals for evidence of the disease.

    Authorities are now advising landscapers to wear dust masks when working until more information is gathered about the spread of the rare bacteria.

    Monday, August 4, 2003
  2. Gravely_Man

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    That sounds awful to say the least. Working all day with a dust mask would have to suck. Hopefully this post will help prevent someone from getting this.

  3. mrbenfer

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    Ticks carrying lime disease is a problem here in Iowa/Midwest.
  4. BSDeality

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    lyme's disease is a big problem around here too in CT, which isn't too far from martha's vineyard.
  5. mower_babe

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    lyme disease and west nile from skeeters
  6. Lombardi

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    For Lyme Disease to be passed to humans, the tick has to stay attached for at least 24 hours. How long does it take to transmit Tularemia?
    I grew up in the Ozarks and had ticks on me everyday in the summer. You feel them bite and they itch, that is why I can't understand how people don't know a tick is on them for so long.
  7. gr8pyrs

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  8. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    They just found west nile in a dead bird less than a mile from my house. Seems like all the bad stuff flocks to Massachusetts. Take some of the Kennedy clan for example...........
  9. GLAN

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    ^ LOL
  10. Grassmechanic

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    Messages: 2,697 mean your telling us that 'ol Martha is spreading biological weapons now to keep the undesireables from pilfering fruit from her vineyard .:D

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