Anyone in NY have a plan for complying next year?

How are you going to handle the neighbor notification law? As far as I can see it will only apply to broadleaf weed control for me as that is the only spray I use (except shrub and tree insecticide if needed as part of IPM program) but even for those two apps. I don't want to deal with all the bs. I'll definately raise prices for all apps. Ideas? Comments?


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How does this law work for doing unscheduled work? ie, if you are on site and a neighbor walks up and says "Can you do my place at the same time?". Do you have to notify their neighbors as well? Could you do the app?

On a positive note, you could use the neighbor notification as an opportunity for extra business. Say a side by side 10% discount (Unless, of course, you have to then notify their neighbors, and then their neighbors . . . )

Great idea Alan!!!

Just make sure you start off with this a state mandated notificaton. And we are sorry to take time way from your busy day but as a professinal we must comply with the lawn.

The close with can we give you a free estimate for your lawn care needs.

Make up propaganda packs to hang on the doors of the folks you had to notify the day of application if they blow you off on the cold call. Handwrite there name on the envelope.

This can be one of the best sales tools of all time if one has the needed social skills and can speak the kings English.


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Its 48 hour prior written notification of spray apps, so unscheduled stuff can't be done.
You & Stone are right, the savvy LCO can turn this into a good thing. Especially since there will surely be many who drop out of the game, leaving fewer players to do the work. Or, a lot of companies will switch to all granular apps.
Guys, thanks for the repiles. Good points about marketing to potential clients, but a real logistical nightmare anyway. I should have been more clear about the laww for those not from NY. Basically, for spray applications to a property by a cert. pro., the neighboring properties within 150' must be notified in writing 48 hours prior to the application. Usally means 3-10 or more letters for each application. Must provide label, name, #, and addtional spray dates if rained out. I usually don't know exactly when I can spray. Horticultural soaps and oils are exempt, so dormant oil apps are ok. I only usually spray post emergent broadleaf weed control products so maybe 2-3 apps per year. I'll probably switch to granular, but I don't think it's as effective and usually comes with ferilizer added which I don't want. The customers will pay for this. Oh yes, they will pay dearly. I'm going to explain the law including copies sent by DEC that show how much of an increase in $ ea. app will cost the operator. For spray apps going from avg. 30$ to 40$-45$. I may increase all 8 yearly apps by 12$. That would work in my favor. We'll see what happens. I hear that there's no $ for enforcement of the law so I may just go with the flow for a while. I may have all customers list all of the addresses of neighbors to notify and plan spray dates now with alternates and send each neighbor a schedule w/all possible product labels in one packet, one time. Then I'll increase yearly chem and fert. app cost about 80$-100$. Even if it cost $15 per client I'll still profit. Maybe a lot of illegals will be gone when poeple call and complain they weren't notified and the scrubs get busted! By the way I don't consider people in high school or college scrubs no matter what they drive or use. Ok, enough rambling. Thanks.