Anyone in the Highland Lakes area?

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    Hey guys, we have some property on lake Buchannan, about 15 miles outside of Llano. Not far from Burnet or Kingsland. We have a good sized (~40' I would guess) cottonwood tree that is all but dead. Quite a few branches have fallen and it's on the property line with the neighbors. There's a house on our property and a shad on the neighbors within striking distance of the tree, but I don't want the neighbors to keep having to pick up limbs. They mow our property due to our family not getting up there very frequently.
    I need someone to take this tree down to a stump. Probably don't need to do any haul off. We can take a bunch to the dump and throw a bunch in the burn pile.
    I'm limited in tree skills, but it doesn't help that I live 3 hours away. Hit me up if anyone is interested in the job. 325.895.1297 or
    Thanks guys!
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