Anyone in the Houston/Humble Texas area?

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Richard49, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Richard49

    Richard49 LawnSite Member
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    I'd love to take to locals.
  2. huh

    huh LawnSite Senior Member
    from Lubbock
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    I grew up in Houston many moons ago and still love it

    I need to get back and get some Antones and some James Coney Island

    My good friends dad owns S&W Engines (Briggs, Tecumseh, Kohler, ect. parts distributer). I used to work there in the summers with them and other friends and they would let me crash on their couch AND PAY ME after my family moved to San Antonio (GOOD TIMES!!!!)

    Houston will always be the best city on earth to me....humidity, "traffic" and all

    hope you do well :) :usflag:
  3. JPS

    JPS LawnSite Member
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    Katy,Texas about 25 miles west of Houston

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