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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bbhlawn, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. bbhlawn

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    We are rather new to this buisness and are trying to make our break for next season. We have been buying up the tools of the trade and have a pretty good start(we think) for next season. I was wondering when everyone starts lining up accounts for next year and what is the best method to advertise?
  2. tiedeman

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    start lining up new accounts right away, do anything to get the new accounts.

    I personally have always found that referrals from current customers is the best way to get new customers. Offer the current customers a discount as well for the referral
  3. MOW ED

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  4. oleo

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    Mowing in Southern Wisconsin? This has been the worst year we've ever had for mowing. We need rain so bad it is sickening. Local water table is down 5 feet. Havent mowed in weeks for some of the accounts.
  5. bbhlawn

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    Yeah I hear that. The weather has been bad for mowing. Lucky for me the wife does all the mowing so I can still work my full time job until the buisness breaks for us.

    Hopefully next season!
  6. MOW ED

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    Sorry to hear that guys as this has been the best year in 8. I have skipped only one customer back in July. We had lots of rain in August and only now is the growth slowing.

    I was amazed at how dry it was when we vacationed down in Beaver Dam and the Dells. The grass was completely dormant. Hope leaf season is better.
  7. sodzilla

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    MOW ED

    I live in Beaver Dam. What is there to do in this town for vacation? I've lived here for a year and can't wait to move back to the Madison area once I can afford it.

    Actually getting back to the original question, I went to my printer today to view the proofs for my mass mailing.Is it to early yet to send them out ? I'm not starting buisness till '04.
  8. promower

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    Oleo- Ihear ya, I'm in madison we got a tenth of an inch in the 6 weeks. This is terrible, everything is brown.

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