Anyone Installed Barn Plank or Timberstone Pavers Yet?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Mar 7, 2015.

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    I haven't installed any. Used some in a booth actually at a homeshow we did. Just wanted something a little different.

    First of all these things are heavy, over 50lbs per brick for the larger stones. We actually broke 2 of the larger stones while setting them because they are so long and heavy. We weren't dropping them but just setting them in place and they split. Could have just been a bad batch or from the cold weather, i dont know. We didn't have a huge problem getting them to line up, but it was also just a booth so we weren't going for "perfect." I heard about the color fade, but according to my rep this has been addressed.

    As far as the response, mine was very similar to yours Jim. A lot of people liked it, didn't believe it was concrete etc. I, like you am not a big fan of them. The only picture I thought that you posted that looks remotely decent is the second picture of the timberstone. I don't think it should be used as a stand alone paver, but instead more as an accent as e-mans used in a few photos. They look good in those pictures.

    The one that did catch my eye a little more is the barn plank step that came out. I thought that was pretty cool, and could have some good applications, but again thats more of an accent feature.
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    The concept is really rad. often do we see hardwood flooring outdoors? If you want the wood look, then why not simply build a wooden deck!
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    Maybe because wood decks rot? And wood decks that are flush in the ground rot even faster? And wood needs to be maintained?
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    Nope. You re not thinking.

    What are luxury yaughts made of?
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    I agree. That's why I'm not a fan. Because, if you want wood or the look of wood, just go with the real thing - or a synthetic like TimberTech or Trex. We've installed plenty of those and the synthetics these days (esp. Timbertech) last and look great!

    The other reason I'm not a fan is when you're using real wood, the sections of wood aren't just 3' long or less. They're usually 8', 10', 12' or even longer. So to me, this doesn't look realistic from the standpoint that each "board" is too short. Nevertheless, some clients seem to really like the concept. So whatever.

    I just made my new portfolio book for this year. I was planning to add these pavers in that book, not as a representation of our work but as something that was available to install. But I've decided against it, given the problems cited. I think we'll stick with pavers that are already tried and tested, unless I get someone who's just really interested in going this way.
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    Unilock had the same issue with one of their wetcast stones, there was approx. 1cm difference in height and when the project was completed it looked nothing short of amateurish. If the stone isn't flush I won't be bothered to install it.
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    i've looked into the techo for some as decking- I totally get that. But for use on a patio I DON"T get it from a design point. I do like that photo of the decking hanging over the pond though. good use.
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    Perhaps you mean a yacht? Theyre made of many things. Are you suggesting teak? I've ripped out mahogany, cedar, ipe and trex etc decks. Theyre all built on garbage pressure treat. This product isn't going to replace a elevated wood deck. I'm not defending it as an industry staple but you have to respect it as a design statement. Once they refine it a little i have a feeling it will be here to stay. The business changes. Sell it to your client or don't. But i don't think you're installing 4x8 holland stone pavers any more but 20 years ago thats all there was.
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  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    iPhone auto correct.

    and yes, 4x8 pavers are alive and well. absolutely.
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    You're hilarious. You would disagree with the sky being blue
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