Anyone Installed Barn Plank or Timberstone Pavers Yet?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Mar 7, 2015.

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    I LESS DEMAND. DECREASING DEMAND. Theres still a demand for cigs so they keep making them but they would be stupid not to pursue vapes etc to evolve their company. You're like talking to a cube of holland stone.
    If you can't grow you're dying. If you're selling a product with less and less market share you're dying. You don't install pavers so its a moot point but if you're at the kitchen table pitching 4x8s then i come in and show them some crazy good looking new barn plank that rocks their world, that jobs mine if they can afford it. They wont call you back and ask about barn plank. . Sure I'll install holland if they ask for it. Same as a siding guy installing t1-11 but damn sure he will show them some other better options if hes smart. Unless you want to be " that holland stone guy" forever
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  2. Barnabas

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    My local supplier has the techo stuff in as well.

    They also have a border that is stone that looks like a 4x4 timber. Im undecided on if i like it or not. I have not installed any. Most of the borders im doing are avignon or pietra
  3. OP

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    No, but Sandy Andy is still the undeniable ( :rolleyes:) hardscape expert here, even over all of us who do install tons of pavers each year. You'd be wise to remember that. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    As a commercial contractor we still buy thousands of square feet of Holland per year. Admittedly our residential division doesn't purchase tons of 4X8's but since we buy for that division 1000 sqft at a time not like the commercial where we buy 10,000 sqft at a time. In my opinion the 4x8 business is alive and well. If you are a residential only contractor I can see why you might think it's dying. Although it rarely gets noticed or cared about the commercial side of the business is much larger then the residential. In my opinion which can be taken with a grain of salt cause I am Canadian!
  5. OP

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    I wonder if sealing the pavers right after install would fix the fading issues. I imagine it would. Anyone think of any reason why that wouldn't work?
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    Had some issues, but worked through it.



  7. SoDak

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    If you think of actual barn plank wood characteristics, it has all of the imperfections that make it desirable. Fading, irregular, inconsistent, or whatever, so the concrete product isn't much different. All paving material fades.
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    I'm not sure why you're arguing with me. And getting mad, too. And attempting personal insults! LOL

    Do you really think I care about what pavers the manufacturers are making? Like I'm unable to sleep over it? I don't care what is discontinued and what isn't. Fact of the matter is - the demand for Holland Stone is strong, whether you and I like them or not. They're being layed all across the country on a daily basis. And that's a fact.

    I see Holland stone pavers used in sidewalks at shopping centers. I see Holland stone pavers used in sidewalks along streets of towns and cities all over the USA. I see Holland Stone pavers used in front of the Sheetz Convience stores. I see acres and acres of Holland stone pavers used at the ship yard in Baltimore. I see Holland Stone pavers used at the pedestrian entrances to new car dealerships. I see Holland Stone pavers used on college campuses.

    Whoo cares if someone is the "Holland stone guy", if he's makin a profit. In the DC area there are professional pooper scooper companies, like wow!

    If a contractor is making a profit from installing Holland stone, then is that a bad thing?
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I did a new lawn install and the home builder did a barn plank paver and they sealed it. Then I was back there come fall still look the same glossy look.
    Home owner wish wasn't sealed looks fake he said. But after reading this I sent him the link. So he could read about the problems.
  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    Anything exposed to ultra violet rays will fade.

    Dashboards in cars.

    Automotive Paint.

    House siding.

    Mortar used in brick.

    Roofing shingles.



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