Anyone Installed Barn Plank or Timberstone Pavers Yet?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Mar 7, 2015.

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    That's a serious set of stairs. Where did you get that firepit unit from, who makes it?
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    After reading this thread, I'm a little worried about the job I just signed for 2500 sqft of "bridge wood" slabs. Our manufacturer is Barkman Concrete. We installed the product at our last two trade shows and it seemed to be well made, straight, square, and consistent heights. I hope the fading issue has been dealt with.

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    I can't imagine that anything can trump the power of the sun and its ultra violet Rays. Automotive paints fade.
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    I’d be curious to revisit this topic since its a few year old. We are in the design stages of a boardwalk type project. It will involve 12,000 sf of this board plank or more. I have some samples coming from a few manufacturers but no webcast. Anyone else put them down since and recommend a product?
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    We did a 1500 sq. Ft job this with this product... bar plank from silver creek, same exact issue... height was irregular, the width was irregular.... the long pieces wanted to break up sanding compaction... had to replace rough 10 pieces and turn compactor all the way down.... our joints could not be the recommended 1/8".. no way, more like 1/4" . Customer was happy with finished product which is all that matters, but install was not as easy as it should of been.

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  7. etwman

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    That's primarily a wet cast issue. They all face it. I won't touch wetcast anymore, we've had too many of the same issues. It's either a dry cast paver or natural stone. It's just not worth the aggravation.
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  8. Mr. Jon

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    Cambridge makes a dry cast wood plank paver caled Timberstone. 7 1/2" wide and 4 different lengths. Problem is that they're 3 1/8" thick. I guess to help prevent cracking. But it's a problem installing them adjacent to other pavers that are 2 3/8" thick. I designed a job last year that would have been nice with the TImberstone, but the difference in thickness added too much to the cost. We would have had to install the base, screed sand & install the Timberstone, then install additional base for the rest of the project, screed & install the remaining pavers. That added a lot of labor hours to the project so we went with all 2 3/8" thick pavers. I'd like to try the wood plank type paver, but someone has to figure out how to make them at 2 3/8" thick that won't crack.
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    Here’s a few pictures of our display. I took these this morning. The product was installed 4-5 Years ago.

    *You can go back to the first page of this thread and see what it looked like new.

    52B56D69-5458-4587-B91B-B6E59A80FEEA.jpeg 2C7DEFA5-B966-403C-8979-A36B838E35D6.jpeg
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    Boards from the Sandwood tree.
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