Anyone Installing Philips / Hadco LED Lighting?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. JimLewis

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    Hey, just thought I'd send a shout out to the lighting forum. Wondering if anyone out there has been installing a fair amount of the Philips / Hadco LED lighting and possibly using their 300w multi-tap toroidal core transformers? If so, I'd like to talk with you privately. Please let me know if you've had a good amount of experience installing these products.

  2. starry night

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    Jim, I sent a PM.
  3. Zohan

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    Jim, are you switching away from the kichler led line that you have been raving about?
    I'd like to know....i am seriously considering switching to kichler upon your good words but now am concerned.....
  4. JimLewis

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    No. But I may be considering some of the Hadco spot lights as an alternative. If I get a client who really likes us and our bid but just doesn't want to spend top dollar for the Kichlerr stuff, I may use Hadco as my backup. To mention to people if they just want something less expensive.

    I just didn't know much about the brand at all. So before I considered using them at all, I wanted to hear from some who had. I got a chance to check them out at a distributor event recently for about an hour. I hadn't ever had a great impression of them before. But after checking them out, I was surprised about some of the stuff I learned. Some of their spot lights are very competitively priced, have really nice color temperature, and come with a lifetime warranty - both the fixture and the LED lamps are warrantied for lifetime - if you buy them through Ewing. It's all part of a deal they have going with Ewing. Counter swap if anything goes wrong.

    I also liked the fact that their lights have the same light output at anywhere from 7.5w all the way up to 15+ watts - just like the Kichler lights. Many of the LED brands on the market don't do that. They begin to fade quite a bit as the voltage drops.

    It could be a way to land some jobs that we are not landing now because all we are offering is the Kichler product, which is a little high end.

    But the more I looked into it this week, I wasn't as impressed. They aren't integrated LEDs, which is one of the main reasons I like Kichler. And the selection isn't nearly as versatile. For instance, Hadco has a small and a medium spot light (20w & 35w equivalent) - both are 28 degree spread. So they basically just have 2 main LED spots. Whereas Kichler has 9 different kinds of spots. And I use them all for different purposes. The Kichler spots come in a small, medium and large (20w, 35w, and 50w equivalent). But in each of those categories, they offer 3 different beam spreads. 10 degree, 30 degree and 65 degree. So 9 spot lights total. You can just do so much more with all of these options. So for me to go back to using just the same beam spread on every lighting job - that wouldn't really work. It would be like taking a painter who paints with 10 brushes and taking 8 of them away and saying, "Now continue doing your beautiful artwork." It's hard to work when you don't have all the right tools you need.

    The second thing I found out about Hadco is their pathway lights aren't really any cheaper than the Kichler ones I'm using and actually don't look anywhere NEAR as nice. I don't like most of the Hadco path lights at all. And the one or two I could see myself installing only come in one color. One comes in only copper and the other comes in only black. So I have absolutely no reason (other than the lifetime warranty) to want to use the Hadco path lights.

    I was impressed that Hadco had a 300w transformer at a smokin' price! I would mention the price but the outdoor lighting police here in this forum don't like it when I do that. Just suffice it to say it's the best price I've ever heard of for a transformer of that size and quality. Toroidal core, multi-tap, the whole nine yards.

    But after a fair amount of research, I've decided to just mostly stick to Kichler. We may use the Hadco on occasion for a customer who is just on a super tight budget. But I'm not as excited about their line as I was.

    Hadco was just a diversion. Something I wanted to learn a little about. But I don't plan on switching, no. Stick with Kichler. They got this LED thing figured out better than anyone, IMO. The selection is amazing. The path lights are really nice (especially the 15810 - we've sold a crap load of those). The finishes are awesome (AZT and TZT are my favorite) and their customer service is about the best I've seen in the industry so far. The only thing about Kichler is the price point is rather high. But it's like anything. You get what you pay for.
  5. Zohan

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    Whew.....I was a little nervous because i've looked at the kichler line and it looks good for all the reasons you've said.
    Thanks for the detailed explanation :)
  6. David Gretzmier

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    Jim- I revived a hadco test thread I started back in 2010. we have had zero problems with hadco units since then. we probably have 35 or so out there now. it is my standard unit to use when we need a 300 or 600 watt unit. we primarily use halogen, do medium size jobs, and install far more 900 and 1200 watt 12-22v units from other brands.
  7. ELumin8

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    Kichler was referred to a high-end?
  8. The Lighting Geek

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    I think it is healthy for you to understand what's out there. I Believe you need to know what the differences are and why. Then you can also educate the few clients that product questions.
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