Anyone interested in buying my old FLC logo package???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FERT-TEK, Sep 14, 2007.


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    Fellas, I recently got out of lawn maintenance and am doing fert and squirt exclusively. Since I got out I reorganized including a new name and logo "Fert-Tek" etc. Anyone out there interested in purchasing the following professionally made items from my old business, Fairway Lawn Care "FLC"; logo, letterhead, envelope design, tri-fold brochure, two sided business card and watermark for billing. All files are fully editable and are in EPS format. I currently cant find the back of the tri-fold at this time but have all the masters on a CD. FYI, none of these items are copyrighted.

    If you are currently looking to create a new logo or brand yourself here is an opportunity if you like the name or are using the same one.

    If interested, PM me with a serious offer.

    FLC business card front resized for LS.GIF

    FLC business card back resized for LS.GIF

    FLC Stationary resized for LS.gif

    brochure front resized for LS.JPG
  2. rodfather

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    why did you get out of maint Dave?
  3. Dunn's

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    probably because the maintenance side of the business is being beaten into the ground price wise by all the wanna-bes out there.

    I mean this year the heat didn't even stop them here.

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    full time firefighter, two kids, no time for both and immigrant workers killing the industry. Don't worry I will be back when the kids get bigger. Love it too much.
  5. pantherfan

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    what are you looking to get for the package?
  6. cpel2004

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    Down here its everybody killing the industry, I wouldn't just say its only the Mexicans although there not innocent. I just think its mainly people that have not a clue how to run a business of any type.

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    Make me an honest offer.

    FYI, I am not looking to recoup all that I spent to make the logo and other items.

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    I never said the Mexicans were killing the business although they do make up a large part of the workforce. Unfortunately, everyone is underbidding jobs to get work in a market that is flooded with lowballers.

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    I sent you an e-mail let me know if you got it or have any questions.

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