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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MikeD520, Jun 29, 2005.

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    I am inquiring to which associations people belong to that are related to fertilizing, pesticide applications and/or any other aspect of the green industry. What are the associations? What is the benefit of being a member of that particular association? Do they provide recertification meetings, information about the industry happenings?

    The reason I posted this thread is because I am a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and a member of the Lawn Care committee. For years the NPMA has kicked the idea of aggressive building a strong sect in their organization dedicated to promoting and educating the application-side of the turf, landscape, and ornamental industry. The NPMA would provide networking opportunities through their established "mentoring" program which pairs an experienced individual with someone of less experience to advance their knowledge of the industry. Networking and educational (CEU credits) opportunities would also be provided at the regional, national, or specialty conferences.

    The topics in member-only newsletters and/or at conferences would include region specific information, introduction to the basics (equipment, products, turf types, etc.), general to specific information on turf pests and diseases, pricing for profit, specific information on turf types, etc.

    Would NPMA's efforts to create a lawn care division and the available opportunities, attract companies, whether you are applicator only or a full-service lawn care professional, to attend conferences and/or membership?

    Please post your feedback.

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    The format you describe sounds interesting. But.........some thoughts come to mind.

    I have a hard time connecting NPMA with the green industry. I would also have a hard time doing the same for the Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA)with the pest management industry. I do realize the definition of a pesticide and what a pest is etc. One could argue such in favor of an opposing view. It appears at first glance the NPMA is looking for more revenue and want's to feed off the "gerbillion" dollar green industry in some fashion or another. However, the proposed goals do appear measurable.

    When I look at associations I am looking for the most industry specific and committed organizations I can find. I'm not seeing it here. I think it was KFC who had the slogan " We do chicken. We do chicken right" or something to that effect. How good can we be at everything?

    On the other hand I could be full of crap. So have at it.
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    Your thoughts are exactly of what we discussed last week at a meeting in Orlando. The NPMA and PLCAA (which is now PLANET I believe) once tried to merge in this area. Let me note for the record that I only know a little about PLCAA, ALCAA, and PLANET, which all came from this recent meeting!!! A few of the other NPMA members on the Lawn Care committee are members of PLANET. They expressed issues about their conferences are not as informative nor opportunistic in networking as they would like them to be. Also, the expressed about how PLANET, PLCAA, ALCAA are focused more towards the large green companies opposed to NPMA's approach of providing information to all companies, regardless of size. I would argue the same point about attracting more revenue from the green industry, BUT as part of the Leadership Committees I will say that no one, not even once, mentioned starting this committee to attract new members as a source of revenue. This is because currently there are 1000+ NPMA that currently offer lawn services. Again, the primary theme of our discussions were directed towards offering opportunities to all companies.
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    Mike, I'll chime in for the western states operators, if they'll let of California, the majority of the West is largely ignored at the national level. This has left a plethora of state and local groups to fill the void and quite honestly, do a better job of providing information that works at the local level. Small shows and conferences are already their hallmarks, some regulation lobbying activity and University access are already well established. I guess my question is, what would the NPMA or any national group for that matter, bring to the table that would enhance or eliminate the need for the groups already in place for the states west of Texas? It would certainly have to be more than a lobbying effort in Washington.

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