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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by XStream Aquatics, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Haven't posted in the landscaping section yet, but I thought this would be a good time. 90% of my work is water features and here's my situation. I have done alot of landscaping but not as knowledgable in it as water features, but a high end client which is a singer in a country duo band is building a resturaunt a few miles from my house. He lives down the road from me and his wife came over a couple days ago and asked me to look at doing a water feature for them at the resturaunt inside and outside. So this parts no problem but she also asked me to bid on the landscaping. I haven't received the blueprints yet but she did say it's a blank canvas to work from. So if I get in and get some pics and stuff what would it cost me to get some awesome cads or such for this job from somebody on here? If your willing to help design that would be cool also. We live in central KY.
    I have done alot of work at their house and daughters house so the love my workmanship so if I keep my bid right I should get this I hope. The resturaunt's suppose to open Jan.1 2009 so it won't be long. The footers are in and the logs are on their way. The logs will be laid 24/7 until done.
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    I'm sure me and probably 50 others on here are willing to help.

    Are you hoping to get it installed this year???? Sounds like you are.

    PM me if you want to, and we can talk details.

    If things work out right I potentially could come down there as I have some friends in S. IL, so I could split the trip.

    Your call, You just dipped your toes into a large lake with many, many fish.
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    I think he's looking for more along the lines of design-?
  4. White Gardens

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    Design and quote, Ya I know, I would just add the extra touch by going there in person and making sure my design would work. I like roadtrips, and it gives me a reason to get away from the wife and kids. :laugh:
  5. XStream Aquatics

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    when the project gets alittle closer I might be interested in meeting people. But hey I gotta be careful that all the fish in the lake don't jump in my boat and tip my out. It's a nice job for fall/winter when things are slow. PM me phone #'s and websites and I'll be contacting you. I have seen one place that really really interest me, so keep'em coming.

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    i dont think i'm what your looking for but if all else fails landescapes would be glad to assist

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