Anyone know a comp. in MD that can remove and install mature trees?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. syzer

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    I have looked in the phone book, and there are many ppl, but I need one to remove and install 2 mature trees. I would like them to be professional I don't know how many scabs there are in the tree business. Just wondering if any of you guys in MD deal with anyone.
  2. BIG D

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  3. paul

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    How big is the tree or trees you want?
    Need to know this. size of the tree in inches 1' from the base diamater is the measurment I'm looking for.

    Landscape forum is the best place for this question.
  4. sedona

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    try rosedale tree and landscape, they might
  5. Lanelle

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    Ace Tree Movers are experienced at handling large material. They have a 90" spade.
  6. syzer

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    Thanks guys I will check into the mentioned companies.


    I didn't measure when I was there =( I don't know anything about transplanting trees and didn't even think of that. From my memory though the diameter of the trunk is probably about 8 - 10" 1 foot off the ground. Hope this helps, I can visit the site and get a better measurement if needed.
  7. paul

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    For this type of move I would first check out if any underground utilities are in the way (just a phone call) then follow Lanelle's post on her tree mover they have the right size equipment. If it's bigger than what you are saying then a call to Brickman (AGH!!) might be in order i know in my area they have a tree moving crane, they can dig a large root ball (over 8') and load it on the back of a semi or just move it on site cost of moving this way is much higher so think about it some :)
  8. syzer

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    Thanks, Brickman will probably undercut me and steal my complex =( the only thing I'm worried about. They just stole over 45k in apartment complex's from a friend =(....they are no good. I would hate to have to consider them as an option =(. Thanks for your opinions guys I will have to look into this.

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