Anyone know anything about this mower??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mikefla1, Feb 20, 2005.

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    I have a small lawn service. Well i wanted a 36inch walkbehind to get into some back yards with. I called my dealer and he told me I have a used one. Well i went up there and the mower is called a Bridges, it's got a 12.5 kaw on it and the same gear box as my Exmark. So i tried it out and its run great and cuts nice he said i'll take 500.00 so i bought it. The problem is I can't find any info on this mower. Can anyone help me?? Thank you, Mike
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  3. Tvov

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    Considering how similar most walkbehinds are, you should be able to match parts from any dealer or online if you need to. You probably don't need the actual manufacturer's info for spare parts.
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    Well the mower is made by Black Rock Manufacturing. They are in Louisville Kentucky. But i was told they closed down.
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    Blackrock had some affiliation with Landscaper Supply. They are the same mower. Also, Havener Enterprises/ Bradley mowers and now Redhawk mowers are clones of the Blackrock/Landscaper supply mowers. Currently I believe they are built in China.
    They all seemed to use commonly avail. engines and transmissions. Pretty cheap built, but I believe some folks had good luck with them.
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    Sorry about that Tvov i musta replied right as you posted that. My buddy said the same thing that I should be able to get the parts easy. I was just kinda wondering the back ground on it.Thank Mowingman If you stand off from a distance and look at the Bridges and My Exmark they look identical.
    Thanks for all the info on this mower. take care everyone Mike

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