Anyone know how to "add" a starter to a new kawasaki engine?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I think it would be the same for a walk behind lawnmower too if you bought it and it doesnt have electric start. Just a pull rope.

    Its a kawasaki 13hp engine model FH381V 2 cyl. Its on my Little Wonder Bed edger that was pretty expensive. It starts up usually on the 1st or 2nd pull, but the machine is awkward and you need it out in the open to really pull the rope to start it.

    The other reason, is because the machine is naturally VERY heavy biased towards the left side, where the large cutting wheel spins to edge your mulchbeds. Its hydro drive and the right tire, with a lot less weight on it, spins in the dirt and grass too easy and the machine doesnt move then.

    If i add the ~$70 starter, a key ignition switch instead of the "kill on/off" switch thats on it now, wiring to a 12v battery and i'll need a solenoid to connect it all to, is that it?

    What do i hook up to the motor itself to recharge the battery while its on?

    Here is a picture, i plan to mount the battery as much over the right wheel as i can, add the starter that adds a few pounds, and maybe a weighted bracket with a 10lb iron weight in it or something ![​IMG]

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    i believe you would have to change out the flywheel you would need one with teeth for the starter and the stator would also need to be changed and a regulator added for charging the battery. better off leaving it alone it could get very expensive very fast.
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    It's going to cost at least $300.00 to install a starter onto this machine.
    If this thing was not designed to have electric start, there may not even be parts available to do it.

    If there are parts available, and you feel confident, go ahead. Otherwise leavce it to the dealer.

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