anyone know of a good computer program for pond design?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by scooterbug311, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I am wondering if there is a computer program out there where i can take a picture of a persons landscape, take the picuter home, down load it and start adding water features and landscpace to it? I need to know brand, were to get it and about how much. HELP POND GUYS AND GALS
  2. Venturewest

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    One of the big industry standard landscape image editors is Drafix Pro Landscape It runs about $1395. The software that costs $100 to $200 is pretty much junk. I had an older version of Pro Landscape and it worked pretty well for adding plants and landscape but I don't think it would have been great for doing water features.

    If you can draw you should take a photo of the landscape, put tracing paper over it, and hand render a pond and waterfall.

    You could also try good photo editing software. Obviously Adobe Photoshop is the best, but Corel has more affordable products that work well also.

    You can take a photo of a nice water feature and paint it into the photo you want to modify. You can make it look perfect if you get really good at it.

    I personally chose to draw water features. Even from a plan view you can sell people on your idea. You can also paint the outline of the the feature on the ground.

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