Anyone Know the Manufacturer

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by slimart01, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. slimart01

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  2. RLDesign

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    No, but I will be replacing this same system (components) that failed after one season. Transformer was rust covered all the fixtures and sockets were falling apart. They do not have a manufacturer info or anything.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.

  3. Mark B

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    As cheap as some of prices are. I still would not buy them. I would rather go local and pick the fixture up. My .02
  4. slimart01

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    Thought about buying some items to put a demo kit together just to give potential customers an idea of their options.
  5. JohnnyRocker

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  6. Alan B

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    I have seen the product. Husband and wife selling imports via their website and eBay to compliment their lighting store/electrical business. Won't say name or what I think. Will say he works hard for very little and that his prices are less than home depot malibu. Market not intended for a contractor or longevity but price. Its America, let the free market reign!

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