Anyone know where to buy a fig tree in Northern NJ?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mapleleaf, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. mapleleaf

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    We have a potential client that really wants a fig tree. They are in Bergen county NJ. I'm not positive how well a fig will fruit there, but we'll tell them to wrap in winter. I'm starting to think the reason I can't find a nursery that sells fig trees, is that it is not a good tree for surviving in the area. Anyone in NJ ever have luck with fig trees? Thanks!
  2. mdlwn1

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    you need to bury them in the ground over the winter. Find a large commercial nursery and get what you need already.
  3. mapleleaf

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    I know I've heard of digging it up and resting it on it's side, covering with leaves, etc. for the winter. Makes me nervous, since it's like a transplant, you hope works out ok. I've also heard of keeping them in a container, and bringing them in a garage, but I imagine in a container it won't get very big. I did check quite a few NJ wholesale nurseries with no luck, that's why I posted here, hoping someone knows of a place that has figs. Thanks!
  4. NNJLandman

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    If you still looking try John's Home & Garden in Newfoundland, Birch Hill Nursery in Wayne or Cedar Hill Nursery in Wayne. Your best bet is with Cedar Hill they have several locations Wayne, Mahwah, Salem and a huge selection. John's & Birch Hill might have the tree as well.
  5. mapleleaf

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    I'll have to call over to John's, haven't bought from they yet. I have Cedar Hill's book, and didn't see a Fig listed in it, maybe they just didn't put it in their book. Not sure if I have Birch Hill's book or not, have to check into. The bid on this job has been pushed back per the clients, so I have some time to investigate further. Thanks!
  6. Kiril

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    We have figs all over the place out here .... damn weed IMO. Container planting is your only option if you are in the wrong zone. Order it online in about 2 months or so when bare root stock becomes available.
  7. integrityman

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