Anyone know who manufactured Woods front mount mowers in 2002

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 57rider, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. 57rider

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    Thanks for the responses. It looks very much like the grasshopper 700 series. Many of the parts blow ups from this also look very similar to the older woods I have that was made by grasshopper. I will post some pictures this evening.

    Thanks again
  2. Mowingman

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    As I posted above, it is NOT a Grasshopper manufactured machine. I was a Grasshopper dealer and I know for a FACT, it was NOT made by Grasshopper, if it was built after the mid 1990's. It may look like it has Grasshopper parts on it, but it does NOT.
  3. 57rider

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    I realize it was not made by grasshopper, just commenting on the similarities. Here are some pics. The grass catcher, dual tail wheel, and blower assembly were all from the older woods. The tail wheel bolted right on the newer machine, I had to rework the grass catcher mounts, and needed a new connecting sprocket from the deck to the nylon sleeve on the blower.


  4. pugs

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    Yah sorry, thats what I meant. Too many W's goin on here.
  5. ben325e

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    I know this is quite a bit late, but Ill post anyway for the benefit of those who may google this... I recently called woods about my new-to-me 2003 6210 front mount and the representative said that they were built for them by Ariens. I was a bit surprised.
  6. herler

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    I believe Ariens and Gravely are basically the same company, and Ariens makes mostly homeowner grade mowers while Gravely makes mostly commercial units.

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