Anyone leave their home state pulling a trailer, DOT stop check..

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Some of you may never leave the state your registered in.. some of us always do like in NJ, we have many surrounding states within short distances.

    We have a federal DOT #, which is required for any commercial vehicle to leave your home state, drove into PA pulling a 7,000lb landscape trailer "empty at the time", with a 2007 f550 Ford truck, and they ticketed us because our trailer didnt have an annual inspection sticker...

    The trailer was recently at the trailer dealer for a coupler upgrade to one much more heavy duty than what came on it "a 10k version", jack upgrade, coupler is now adjustable, auto latching and paid to check brakes, bearings, lights, also had a new 3rd brake LED light put on back.

    When we were pulled over during a PA DOT Checkpoint, where they only pull over out of state commercial vehicles, all kinds of problems popped up.

    The trailer lights were out at the time, "all of them", they worked the night before, was not an issue with the plug because i tried to jimmy it and couldnt get any of the lights to come on. Later that afternoon they were all on again :/ wiring issue probably.

    The deal with getting an annual sticker on the trailer is BS... its only required when your NOT in your home state. We have nearly a dozen trailers for the business, two campers for personal use and they said as long as its being pulled the a commercial vehicle, that it needs annual inspection sticker. So technically if i pull our travel trailer for vacation, that needs it too :confused:

    I'd gladly comply with their request, however, the most local two shops, one which i hate because the Ford dealer near us who does diesel inspections is totally incompetent and screwed us over several times on ford diesel warranty issues.. requires you to drop off the truck for the day and then come pick it back up, "PLUS $100" for the annual inspection fee... thats if it passes, if it doesn't, you forfeit $100 and have to make repairs then bring it back... dont bother paying them to fix anything minor or major, you'll lose your a$$ in bills.

    To pay $100 per year for each trailers inspection sticker is pointless, it would cost us over $100, plus the time to hook up, transport, drop off then pick back up the trailer after the inspection is complete. If they fail any trailer for any reason, i'd need to take it to the trailer dealer, or make repairs in house then re-pay another $100 inspection.

    I'd rather just accept the $107 ticket :/ What legal BS. While we were pulled over, at least a dozen guys with trucks/trailers for landscape related or construction businesses passed by without getting flagged to pull over, because they were already illegal and NOT registered commercial.

    At this stage of the game, if we could still get commercial insurance, i'd re-register all the trucks "standard" , not commercial tags and just eat the $54 tickets if we ever got pulled over in NJ for not having commercial tags, it would be so much less hassle and less costs when pulled over and ticketed, not to mention fines if a commercial vehicle has an "unsafe" or unsecured load is $500+ but only $54 if not commercial which are more of the lawn guys around here anyway.
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    In NY trailer dealers do safety inspections and if trailer passes you get a sticker. No need to go to a car dealer.

    As to leaving the state be legal or don't. Tickets will have to eventually cause your insurance to go up. Repeat offenses may lead to increased fines.

    Another reason I stay under the 10,001 lb limit for my truck and trailer.
  3. GQLL

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    100 dollar inspection I'm sorry for you Va 16 and most time the dealer throws them in for free
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    we run into it all the time. We are right on the WV/VA border. I've had grief from VA several times when I'm more than a county deep into the state. Right across the border in neighboring VA counties, never an issue though.
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    Welcome to the real world. If you are a lco, look like a lco, or have logos on your truck and crossing state borders they can stop you for no reason if you are over 10,001 gvwr. Not loaded weight, just capeable weight. It doesn't matter what plate you have on the truck, if they pull you over and you are doing business over boaders they can and will ticket you.

    The travel trailer is bs unless its their state law. If you get pulled over in your truck and using it for personal use just say that and they need to let you go (unless they had a reason to pull you over besides being a commerical vehicle, ei light bulb out). If been pulled over headed to my parents with a trailer and got me going without and bs.
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    What does your rig consist of to stay under 10,000? From what I am looking at a chevy 1/2 ton and single axle trailer would be over 10,000 pound limit. We have thought about trying to down size our truck to avoid it all together but everything we look at would still put us above the limit with our little 6X14 unless we got a V6 powered 1/2 ton chevy.
  7. 32vld

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    2014 1500, 5.3, 4wd,
  8. 32vld

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    Page timed me out.

    2014 crew cab 1500, 5.3, 4wd, weighs 5,104 lbs. Has a GVWR 7,200 lbs. Limits one to a 2,800 Trailer weight + load weight.

    2013 reg cab V8, GVWR is 6,400. Puts you at a 3,400 lbs.

    How many 1,500 lb mowers are you trailering?
  9. ProStreetCamaro

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    From my understanding it is simply the rated combined weight of truck and trailer added together. So a truck with a rating of 7200 and a single axle trailer with a rating of 3000 = 10,200 = needs DOT numbers.
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    just pay the $100. if your worried about your trailers failing then repair them.. if you they write you a ticket to "correct" and get the annual sticker and next time they pull you over and you don't have it, your screwed.. they'll put you out of service. another myth is even if you have personal registration but are hauling a load used for commerce you still fall under DOT, theres no way around it...
    I actually enjoy paying the $100 for an annual inspection I would much rather know if there are any issues with our equipment rather than having an accident and be found negligent.....

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