anyone LineX/Rhinoliner a dump insert??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LawnSmith, Aug 30, 2003.

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    I was thinking the same thing (lining my dump insert). Now granted mdb has not had a problem (yet) with material getting stuck. The problem I see lies with the texture of the lining. You need the inside of that body as smooth as possible. I drove dump trucks for years and even one or two days worth of rust would make wet materials like soil, sand, even mulch stick to the body and not come out. So with a textured liner, I can see this being a big problem. I was told once by LineX, that the product actually comes out smooth and they add the texture. That sounded a little fishy to me; kinda like a sales pitch. Anyways, I've seen a lot of things sprayed including the inside of a salt spreader. The benefits would be phenomenal. But trust me, you get a wet glop of mud in that thing and it doesn't want to come out, you're gonna be PISSED!

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    most companies do add the texture to the "slurry" when spraying. you can have one sprayed in totally smooth, but since they were developed for truck beds, people wanted some texture to prevent stuff from sliding on the material.
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    we have a single axle dump but for tight places or areas that are wet, the single axle can be a little much. this custom bed is being made by EzDumper, i say custom because the dealer had to take measurments of my specific truck.

    this is going in a '00 2500 chev and primarily because of its ability to get into tight spaces and not worry about getting stuck in 1" of mud.

    for small mulch jobs we shovel from the bed of several pick ups, all lined w/ rhinoliner. it is different than a stock bed or even a bedliner but the pros out weigh the cons X10 IMO.

    we originally thought of doing our single axle dump bed but its in such bad shape already, why spend a few hundred on it? LOL.

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