Anyone looking to Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnsaspire, Mar 23, 2013.

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    It really is alarming the number of people without health insurance. I am talking about people making 60k+ that can clearly afford it but opt out.

    Yes, you might not be on any meds and haven't had a doc visit in 3 years, but it is called insurance for a reason.
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    Your talking to the same demographic that thinks business liability insurance is a waste of money.
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    It must seriously vary from state to state. To cover my wife and I, both young, no health problems, no conditions, is over $1000 a month.
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    Same here, a family plan is more than my mortgage. Luckily my wife has it for her and my boys.
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    You guys are hilarious! I'm really dissappointed with the direction this thread has taken. I've made one small comment since I started the thread and a lot have has jumped to their own conclusions about me just b/c I said I didn't currently have health coverage. And by the way I do have liability insurance on my business. I run a very professional operation. I work a second part-time job to help us in the winter but they don't offer coverage. My kids are covered by the state program that has low monthly rates and low co-pays. People with moderate income in Illinois can qualify. I had the same coverage as they did until a couple of years ago when my business started to take off and I was no longer in the income brackett for me to qualify as well. I have looked into other insurance coverages for myself and my wife. I made the mistake of signing onto an internet search provider that looks for reasonable quotes and made the mistake of giving it my phone number. For the past year I have had people calling me daily trying to offer me health insurance. Most of these have been very rude and have not acted in such a way that would make me want to buy anything from their companies. One guy even called me an idiot when I was I didn't agree to sign up right away.
    I do see the importance of having coverage and I realize that I would be up a creek if I got cancer or something. I'll look into the tax savings account someone mentioned. The main purpose of this thread is to get some feedback from you on the new health mandate, which I feel is long overdue. And all of you should be very interested in doing research on it right now as it's going to raise your premiums from your beloved insurance companies 100 fold in some cases. Please don't say anything more against me that for the time being I have gone without insurance, millions of others are as well. It's a gamble, but so is everything else. If you have any contributive thoughts about the Affordable Care Act, please feel free to share them. I realize that the information out there is limited, but what I was able to find is very telling.
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    I agree with this and I'm in a similar situation.
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    I had a heart attack 5 years ago. I have yet to find any insurance that is affordable outside of a group plan through my wife's employer. Prior to that when I worked full time in another industry and my insurance costs went up almost annually. This was from a period starting in 1990. I paid 130.00 for a family of 4 back then. Now it is over 5 times that.
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    Where did you see the online calculator? I would like to take a look.
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