Anyone looking to Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnsaspire, Mar 23, 2013.

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    I also must say that very few jobs, even full time jobs offer insurance anymore. This is why I haven't sacrificed my wife staying home with the kids to cut down on day care costs, so she can go work somewhere that doesn't offer benefits. I remember talking to a local mailman, and he told me that you have to work for the postal service for several years before they offer you insurance. And that's a government job! This is what makes something like the Affordable Care Act so appealing to so many. There are many questions about it, but if it could be implemented the way the say they intend, maybe it will help some folks.
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    Back in the early 90's I was working for a rather large company (about 20,000 employees in the US) and I was paying right about $30 a month for health, dental and vision (this was for me, family plan was about $30 a month more). The plan was the best option available to me.

    Today I work for a different company, with about 65,000 employees world wide and I pay right at $460 a month for a family plan, dental and vision and the coverage is no better. In fact it's a little worse than what I had back then. For instance recently my daughter got will cover $1500, we had to come out of pocket $4500.

    Back in the 90's I was paying $2 for generic prescriptions, today I'm paying $7-$10. Back then I didn't have a doctor visit fee, today I have a $25 fee.

    I have friends that work for smaller companies and the insurance provided to them is so high that some can't afford it, in fact it's almost as high as getting it on their own - $680-$1000 a month for a family and the coverage isn't that great.

    Several years ago I had a friend that was in his 30's, self employed with a family and he was quoted $1000 a month for insurance.
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    I can't afford health insurance. I doubt I'll ever be able to afford it.
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    Proper healthcare for yourself and your family is just part of being a responsible father. If you can't afford it doing your current job then you should find another job or cut expenses on other things. If you're single and want to gamble that is on you.

    Yes, there are still PLENTY of jobs that offer healthcare. the affordable health care act is a trap! Just like SS, Food Stamps, Medicare, disability, Section 8 housing, Low interst student loans, etc. They all suck you in with good intentions and then you become a slave to it.
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    thank you for your opinion.
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    I want to know where all the money is going to come from to support it all. The whole obamacare went about it wrong in my opinion. Premiums are high already, and now that the insurance companies will have to cover high risk people the premiums are going to go sky high to make up for their new loses. So now how does the government offer a low premium service? Who will benefit from it? Taxes will no doubt have to go higher on everyone (or those of us that work) and odds are the government program won't help people like me (ones that work, make a decent wage), so now I'm taxed to help people that have had a few kids with no coverage and crap jobs while I've been responsible and haven't had kids yet because I know the cost of insurance and everything.

    The country seems to be leaning towards rewarding people for making bad choices and penalizing people for prospering. I'll check this calculator and let you know if it's gunna be another government bone in my bhole.
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    Using the base income on the calculator the payment is around $140.00 and the government subsidy is over $900.00. At the end of the day who foots the bill for those subsidies? :usflag: :waving:
  8. JB1

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    you know the answer and I know the answer, the trouble is there is a lot of clueless people that thinks they are getting something for nothing. and the clueless has started to vote.
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    Exactly. It shows a family of 4 with income of 40K the subsidy was like $980. So because Johnny knocked up his woman (you know they weren't married when they had the kids so they didn't have to pay any hospital bills), the rest of us have to foot the 980 a month to cover his ass. Again while people like me are responsible, get married, wait to have a kid until they have a decent bank roll and can even afford the insane premiums get boned.

    Checking the calculator, it claims it would have a 150 subsidy, but the numbers are weird, the deductible has to be crazy high and the example premium was like 300 more than I've been quoted by companies.
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    As it has been explained to me, you and I are already are paying for uninsured people. For example, A hospital corporation is going to make their money or close. We have all heard the complaints about how some that are "undocumented" and have no insurance get better care than those that do. Many times their bills aren't paid. This forces a hospital to raise prices on the insured, ths paying for their care. I don't believe this is right either. There are many with pre existing conditions that make obtaining insurance next to impossible. Is it ok then to say sorry, your bad luck, forget owning your own business and go to work for whoever can add you to their group plan? In my opinion that would be another version of slavery. I think we addressed the slavery thing a few years back.
    To me the facts are insurance has gone up since before Obama was a blip on the political landscape. It going up again is more of the same. Too many are unable to afford insurance even by being responsible non-smoking, hard working, God fearing, adults. This has been a growing problem and would only get worse over time. As this has happened our health care has dropped when compared internationally to many countries that do offer a different system. It was getting to a point where something needed to be done, wrong or right just do something. If parts are wrong fix those parts and continually improve it.

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