Anyone looking to Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnsaspire, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Yet we love our for profit insurance companies in this country.
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    Weird. Still trying to figure out who this "we" or "us" is, that you all keep talking about. I'm extremely glad to tell you all that I am not a part of your "we" "us" group. I am very concerned though that you all are willing to go along with YOUR governments and banks and medical insurers and hospitals policies no questions asked. Please, by all means, go to your medical exchanges and give them your money(no questions asked). Please do pay more for your private insurance when they come knocking(laugh).

    Wait a all are already paying more in taxes, commodities, food, gas...hell everything since the start of the year for these issues you are all concerned about in this post. Apparently none of you see it.

    Sorry to sink your boats. All of these corporations you're balking about and at have ZERO AUTHORITY over your life choices. ZERO AUTHORITY to make you do something against your will. Please by all means keep paying for them to concoct more laws(fraud, treason) against you in the name of "it's best for everyone" "everyone has to contribute to save everyone else". Man, if I didn't smell the fear in all of you from 6000 miles away, I'd be dead already.

    Get a grip on reality will you please. Even better, come to my city. Home of the corporation MAYO CLINIC. Run by yours truly {bankers, politicians, legislatures, big pharma, insurance execs and any other corporation that makes money off of a sick and dying society}. LMAO that sh!t is epically funny.

    And who would have thought they(MAYO CLINIC) are basically going to steal half a billion dollars from the residents of my city(130k) so they can have free infrastructure to support their mad dash to the profit finish line on the backs of all the sick and dying that they themselves are making happen.
    The average patient at mayo in my city more than likely has a net worth of a million+. Jesus, you should see the middle eastern gazillionaires that come here for service by them. They are allowed to have armed guards with submachine guns by their sides everywhere. They have to pay all hospital transactions in CASH. Man what a site to see, armed terminators hauling in suitcases full of cash to the finance windows. All while my cities unemployment is roughly..oh I dunno 35%+.

    We have entire subdivisions of houses built brand new(150k to 300k) that the state and government GIVE to immigrants. No mortgage payment, no utility bills, no taxes. Gee, wish my great great great great grandparents could have got something for free off the boat.

    In the end, NO! I will not follow orders from a de-facto government. NO! I will not let insurance companies force to me to something against my will. Looks like the game has already been decided. We have the you's(folks who cower in fear and will pay anything and b!tch about it till they have a heart attack) asleep at the wheel. And the me's(folks who understand no one has any authority over us) who will actually stick together with a population that gets it.
  3. 205mx

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    But what happens? I mean next, where is the change going to come from?
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  4. The Turf Guys

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    205- It's too late. We are beyond the tipping point. The "takers" and low information voters ON BOTH SIDES are too entrenched. It's going to have to get real real bad before people start to pay attention.

    As for utilizing Obamacare to supplement your family needs, I truly wish you well. I can tell you from my own experiences dealing with medical treatment from the VA that government managed Health care can be a long, frustrating process that is not designed with the primary focus on the patient. Yes, the people working at the VA are as good and as well intentioned as doctors in private practice, but the system is horrible.

    Just a couple examples- I wanted a copy of all my medical records(both through my private Dr and throuh the VA). I called my doctor's office and they faxed them to me the next day. I went to the VA and filled out the request form and 5 months later I still haven't recieved them. They have since sent me a letter saying it could take another 90 days. It also took 3 months to schedule a follow up visit with the VA Ortho Dr. Guess what, he didn't have access to my previous medical records. WTF. I asked him how he was supposed to evaluate my injury and he just apologized for how messed up the VA currently is. And these are the people who will be managing my service connected healthcare for the rest of my life.

    Not saying HMO's are great but I at least don't have to wait 3+ months to see a specialist.
  5. PROCUT1

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    The va is like that for the same reason as everything else. We cut taxes for billionaires and cut services for veterans. Its disgusting. The corporations that our soldiers are fighting to protect, feel no responsibility to help them when they come back.

    You can shove your hand picked examples of "socialized medicine"

    The statistics are there. The "socialized medicine" countries beat us in every category. The citizens get care, they live longer, and they dont go bankrupt. And IT COSTS LESS. You dont see anyone advocating for our system.

    We're trained to chant "America is number 1"

    Where are we number 1? In anything? The military. Yay.

    Everything is just so backwards and stupid. Everyone is going to die. Everyone will only be here for so long. And we spend our whole lives worked up about stuff that is just so insignificant if you look at the bigger picture.

    1% of the population controls us. And boy do we fight to protect them. As our jobs disappear, homes get foreclosed, people go without healthcare, bankers crash the country and instead of prison get record bonuses. And they keep us right where they want us. All worked up about guns and gay people. Lighting cigars with $100 bills and telling our senior citizens that they are going to need to sacrifice.

    Its just sad.
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  6. Crimson Lawn

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    I might be misunderstanding what you are saying.
    Are you for Obamacare?
    Are you one of those who thinks " the little man just cant get ahead"?

    Insurance stinks but you half to have it. If you think a government run health plan is really great, by all means go to another country and live there for all while. Really get into that system and see how happy you are.

    Cash is king in the healthcare business.
    For example: My daughter needs to go to the doc for a check-up. My copay is $30. They bill my Insurance $135 for total cost of $165 and we are there for 45 min. I asked a few questions about paying for it in cash, they got me a price of $65. How the hell do we go from $135 with Insurance and a $35 copay to $65 for the same thing paying cash. Not only that, my Monthly premiums have gone up every year, about 25% a year.
    Someone posted earlier that Ins is a wreck and Gov Ins is a wreck(which I already knew) and you think I want to pay into an exchange grouped with alot of other people who cant pay just watch my "Affordable Care (Act)" premium go up when these low incomers cant pay, which end result still affects me and my daughter. Screw Obummer care and all them politicians, I will pay the penalty and shop(True Free Market) my services needed with maybe high deductible Ins hooked with a HSA. (til Obummer wants to tax that)
    By the way, by now way do I think Bush was better with unfunded programs that we all pay for but atleast I dont blame him.
  7. The Turf Guys

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    Procut- I agree with part of what you say but I think it is a little to easy to blame JUST corporations. Yes, they are a significant part but it is bigger than that. Also, I've lived in many other countries and can tell you that there is a cost to everything. What they get in one benefit, they pay dearly for in another area. To try to compare the US with 300,000,000 people to Denmark or sweden that has 10,000,000 is illogical. Heck, we have more illegal aliens in this country than many other countries have in total population. And actually their are numerous other countries trying to move to a more "middle ground" from their current socialized healthcare. Just do some research on the current healthcare issues in Canada.

    Not completely disagreeing with you, but this is far more complex than thinking it's all the corporations fault. And my comments are directed to the fact the government solutions have a history of being very sloppy and very costly
  8. Crimson Lawn

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    Spot on.
    Clean up the fraud and abuse. Come up with a middle ground solution for the illegals to get them paying there "FAIR SHARE" and we might have a beginning to something. IMO the 10th Adm:)usflag:) should carry more weight. What works in California and New York may not work in New Mexico or Tennessee.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    This thread came off as overly preachy. Even I am not in the mood to debate this issue now. Judging by past threads on this topic either everyone changed their minds about the subject in the last few months or they opted not to even bother replying. I'm guessing the latter. Is there a benefit to the affordable care act? Yes the big boys now get fined and their cost of doing business against us is now higher. The other benefit is its no longer insurance your now allowed to buy it after you get sick. Which most younger people will do. And the fine on individuals is on taxable income over 9500 if your taxable income is less and as a business owner its easy to use write offs to lower your income, than there is no fine. So for me 40-50k a year will still make me exempt for the fine.

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