Anyone Marketing Directly to New Homes?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JimLewis, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. JimLewis

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    I notice that a lot of our new landscape construction business comes from new homes that were recently moved into. Around here, new homes come with landscaping in front and nothing but dirt in the back yard - that's pretty much 99% of new homes. So everyone who buys a new home needs landscaping, lawn, irrigation, plants, trees, patio, etc.

    We've been putting door hangers on doors whenever we see a newly built set of homes. But they are often hard to find. These new developments are often hidden inside existing neighborhoods and sub-divisions.

    There must be some way to get a list of new construction homes that were just purchased and then send each one a letter or flyer or something as they get purchased. Anyone doing that? Anyone know how?
  2. Bigred350

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    The problem we have found with new homes is the homeowers have ran out of money by the time the house is finished so all they can afford at the time is to do the front yard.

    We do alot of home that are 5 to 10 years old. Cause the homeowners have saved back up and want to redo all the lanscaping.
  3. JimLewis

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    Ok. Well I am sorry to hear that. But I have had a different experience with new homeowners. So my question still stands, anyone know of a way to specifically market toward these people precisely when the house sells? Or at least to find out where new developments are?
  4. h400exinfl

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    Do you follow the builders? That seems to be the way to go on new homes.
  5. forestfireguy

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    Here in Joisey.... we see real estate transactions in the county paper, usually listed once a week. I believe it is the county clerks office that publishes this info.
  6. Farbio

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    Hey Jim,

    We use a local mailing service to send out postcards monthly to new construction homes. They are somehow able to get a mailing list for this. In Spokane, it is usually about 2000 address. The new construction homeowners stay on the list for three months before dropping off the list. I just started doing this in the last 6 months and have had great success. This has probably been our best advertising for landscape construction. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Patatoe1

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    I know around here a couple town's chamber of commerce will send packages to new residents when they move into their homes. You pay the yearly fee for membership and them something around $1 per home after that.

    Hope that gives you an idea.
  8. JimLewis

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    THAT'S what I am talking about. How did you find this company? How can I find something like that in my area?
  9. White Gardens

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    Here in our area, we tend to get landscaping jobs on houses that have been owned for a long time. Usually landscaping is the last on the list of things that have been upgraded on a house.

    Someone else made the comment about having money left over, I can't tell you how many times I've seen half a mil. houses that have little to no furniture in it because the money has run out.

    Must be your market, and what people want in your area.
  10. andyslawncare

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    My dad is a realtor and through his listing company he has acess to alot of mailing lists-these lists that he can get have the sale date...I think that he can search by sale date of the house...i'm not 100% on this but I would talk to a friend that is a realtor...

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