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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Turf2NV, Mar 8, 2007.

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    I am looking for anyone in the Plainfield, IL area that needs some support help this season.

    I am an assistant superintendent on a golf course and am looking for some moonlighting opportunities in the area for some extras money.

    I am able to do irrigation, hardscape, plantings and mowings. I have very limited experience with lighting. Ideal situation would be where we could work it out so I can lend a hand to help you finsh jobs when you need a boost of help, or service calls on irrigation that I could handle on my own for you. I would be available nights and weekends if needed.

    Let me know if you are interested in discussing this further.
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  3. Turf2NV

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    Hey Grass,

    I saw that thread when you first posted it. I did not reply to it because it looked like you needed full time guys. I am not leaving the golf course I am at, just looking to pick up some extra hours on the side if possible.

    Thought that some guys in the area could use me as a way to help them get a few more jobs in this season.

    Thanks for the link.

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