Anyone Need A Truck Or Trucks.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JB1, Dec 8, 2007.

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  2. topsites

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    The shame of it is, my own experience with auctions is you almost always end up paying about what it's worth anyhow,
    other times more, some times less.
    But those would be good work trucks, can't get much more functional than that.

    You might can try seeing if you can buy them before the actual day of the auction, put in an offer, see if the seller accepts.
    Some places do, others don't, might be worth asking.
    Don't pay over blue book, I doubt they'll sell for less so if you can get them at blue book then you got a good deal.
  3. LushGreenLawn

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    I've always had good experiences at auctions getting good prices. Some of the auctions I go to you'll see Exmark Laser Z's and JD Commercial Zeroturns, less than 100 hours, going int the 4-5K range. Good deals on trucks too. I notice in the website address it says "Servicemaster" which is the parent company of Tru Brown. Seems interesting they are letting all these brand new trucks go at auction.
  4. Fordsuvparts

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    I will be at the auction ready to buy at least 2 trucks if the price is right, I could buy new from ford, but think I can save some money. Not to mention you can get financed through ford for the purchase.
  5. TXNSLighting

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    thats a buncha trucks! wish i needed a few company trucks.
  6. PROCUT1

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    im a little confused as to why they are selling brand new trucks that never have been put into service
  7. Fordsuvparts

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    I heard that they had to sell them to cut cost, they had already made a deal on the trucks before the economy went south and we had this huge drought this summer. I will be there with about 70k to try and buy at least 2 if not three trucks.
  8. yardsmith

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    all fords-no thanks :laugh:
  9. J&R Landscaping

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    I was gonna say, those landscape bodies looked like tru green trucks. I wish I had the cash to go down and try to catch a deal.
  10. Fordsuvparts

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    We attended the auction and were able to purchase 4 new trucks today for well below the market price. I will post Pictures of all 4 trucks asap.


    Dec 14th 001 isuzu small.JPG

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