Anyone offer a lawn performance benchmark with your APS program...?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Exact Rototilling, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Just like the title you offer any lawn performance result or pseudo guarantee...that if "your Co. does the applications their lawn will Rock...!..."

    Incorrect watering [daily, frequent and late pm] and IMO mowing too low for Cool Season grass is epidemic in my area.

    I Do Not offer weed control [I spot spray only] for clients unless they agree to a 3" mowing height and I am in control of the fert program.
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  2. jbturf

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    Idk to me it just doesnt sound like a wise business move to gaurantee something you can not control.

    All the treatments in the world can not counteract poor mowing and cultural practices
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    The only hard and fast guarantee I've seen mentioned here is from GreenDoctor. In addition to exceptional knowledge, experience, and equipment he has very high standards - something most of us here admire and respect.

    My projects all involve school, municipal, or non-profit youth sports organizations. They all have tight budgets. Worse, many either think it is unimportant to take care of their fields or that mowing and irrigation is all that is needed. They all get heavy use so wear, compaction, and sometimes even scheduling applications are all problems.

    My work speaks for itself. There is usually an easy comparison nearby that everyone can plainly see because I treat "inside the fences" and typically nothing other than mowing is done outside the fences. I'm talking about grass in parks and schools that has received no fertilizer in 20 years in some cases. I have no unhappy customers, fortunately. Almost all say I exceed their expectations. I would accept a challenge, if they wanted it, to have me take care of one half of any of their fields and they could have anyone else take care of the other half for one year and on the same budget - then compare results. That sounds more cocky than I intended it. It's more a case of I am doing the very best I can with what my places can afford. I sometimes have to talk with places 2-3 years (they call me, I don't go after any of them) before they convince themselves to begin maintaining things well. They often come up with 3-4 times what they initially said they had available to spend. Once they start, none of them wants to go backwards; typically they want to step things up even more after I have been on a property for a full year.
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    There's so many variables. I just say that it "should" help, but I make sure to tell the customer that irrigation, heat, and other factors affect the lawn quality. I am not in charge of their irrigation or the weather, so what happens after I put the product on I cannot guarantee. If a customer is unhappy, which has only happened once with a post emergent application on tif 419, I try my best to fix the problem.

    Around here between 100+ temps and sparse rain, it can make having a nice lawn difficult. Factor in bi-weekly waterin restrictions and it makes it that much harder.
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