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Anyone on here have rolloff or hook trucks?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by 711SnoPro, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. 711SnoPro

    711SnoPro LawnSite Member
    Messages: 86

    Looking into a roll off or hook lift truck for my father's business to dispose of scrap metal (white goods) and other recycling, along with hauling snow and possibly debris. Long story short, the "recycling company" who is the roll off provider is screwing him over. They take the goods and truck them across town to a large metal processing facility run by a different company and basically pay him 2.5 times less the market value than it would be if they were to haul it themselves. I didn't know about this until this summer.

    So I thought, why not just do the trucking yourself and maybe make a little money on the side with a few extra containers?

    Yes it will cost money to do but I think it has some potential, I just don't know a whole lot about it as far as costs of operation go. I do think you could make it pay with having a few extra "for rent" containers out there to generate income along with recycling income.

    The requirements for his business would be: disposal of scrap metal, waste wood products (pallets, crates, etc), hauling cardboard bales, and hauling modified IBCs (totes) full of scrap metal. Add to that in the wintertime it would need to be used to haul snow away from the retail location and for contract snow hauling for other businesses if needed. From the start I see the need for probably 3 containers plus a flatbed body to put on the truck. Obviously more would be added as income and demand allowed.

    First off, would we want to go hooklift or rolloff?

    Can a hook lift/roll off be used as an effective part time dump truck to haul snow, demo and tree debris?

    I have more questions than I want to post at once but would something like this make any sense at all or am I crazy?
  2. Bird21

    Bird21 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 40

    i have a hook lift

    It's the Swiss Army Knife of the truck market.

    My beds
    Flat bed
    6-15yd containers
    Stainless V-Box spreader
    Water Tanker
    Chipper Box

    I will be selling one this Spring to build a new one. As uses keep evolving so does my want list for the truck. I have a Stellar hook.

    As far as Metal goes you can use different boxes and sort the metals then hold and cash in when the prices are up. I am relatively new to this myself but I have replaced 3 trucks with one. If you can wait till spring I will have one all set up for sale.
  3. Kepple Services

    Kepple Services LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 374

    We don't have a hooklift truck so I cant give you good/bad scenarios for them. We have 3 rolloff trucks and 80 cans, but the trucks are not normal rolloff trucks they also have grapples on them. We are not your typical rolloff company, actually we don't do ANY rolloff work. I know it sounds strange we use the cans as just a storage bin at the customers property permanently(somewhat) and then we go back with our 60 yard trucks and clean out the cans(most have 2, some up to 4 at a location) or pick up straight from the ground. We do haul a lot of strange things with the trucks along with our normal greenwaste and wood. We have hauled scrap metal, cars, garbage, dirt, almost anything you can think of. A rolloff is a VERY versatile body system.

    One issue with dumping dirt is it stretches it out a loooong way. Meaning the pile isn't a nice pile like a dump truck, the rolloff hoist is so low to the ground when dumping that it cant put it all in one spot. That can become an issue at times. Other issue is weight, the hoist and can weighs more than a dedicated dump truck(ours is even worse with the crane mounted on the trucks as well). The nice part also is the different sizes you can get for can sizes. We have 12,20,30 and the custom 60 yard cans. In your case you could get some smaller 12's for specialty scrap metals (sluminum, etc) and a large 30 or even 40 yard can for the white goods and other ferrous metals.
  4. 711SnoPro

    711SnoPro LawnSite Member
    Messages: 86

    What sort of truck is it on?

    Do you ever haul equipment on the flat bed like a skid steer or mini excavator?

    For white goods they have a 30 yard container, 18' long I believe It's loaded at least twice a week, sometimes more if it's busy. They don't have the space to hold on to things to wait for favorable prices so things need to move every week. Ideally they could do that but that'd be a helluva collection of junk!
  5. Kepple Services

    Kepple Services LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 374

    You can haul skid steers and other things inside the cans. Hooklift or rolloff if you get a "squared" can and not a tub bottom style. We do it somewhat often as we have a few square bottom cans as well the large ones. Most rolloffs are 20' I believe, but some are made shorter to fit inside the first ones to transport 2 cans at once to building sites(both are 20 yard cans).
  6. 711SnoPro

    711SnoPro LawnSite Member
    Messages: 86

    that is very interesting Kepple! ha

    I have seen that a few times with guys dumping dirt out of them. I guess with snow we usually end up pushing the piles up anyways (or the city does) so that's not too big of an issue. just makes for a messy dumpsite i guess.

    what sort of trucks are you running? assuming triaxles or quads?

    Yeah I really like the idea of how versatile the truck becomes instead of being only a dump or only a flatbed because for him owning a tandem dump truck for example makes almost no sense. A roll off or hook on the other hand makes way more sense business wise.

    What kind of issues do you have with the hoist and winch ever?
  7. Kepple Services

    Kepple Services LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 374

    All our trucks are tri axles. We have 2 sterling and one mack. We have other trucks as well but they are not rolloff's. If you keep your dump site clean it isn't an issue, but it can be if you let it or are trying to dump in a confined area. The only issues we have had are just wear issues not chronic issues. We have snapped a cable on one, and blown hydraulic lines but structurally they are great, but like I started before we don't use them like a normal rolloff company does, we can go weeks and even months and never take the 60 yard can off the truck. All our hoists are Galbreath 60,000lb hoists.
  8. 711SnoPro

    711SnoPro LawnSite Member
    Messages: 86

    Would you have any idea on what your yearly costs per truck would be as far as maintenance goes? Obviously that varies with use but just a rough estimate?

    The thing with this idea is also that it's not like he'd have dumpsters all over and the truck running 5 days a week (if anything have a few to rent out), it's to have more control over the prices he can get for the recycling products and have something that's flexible to change with the market and applications if needed.
  9. Kepple Services

    Kepple Services LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 374

    I don't have the numbers broken down by truck here, I do know our costs would far outweigh yours as we run the trucks 9-10 hours a day(7am-4 or 5pm), 5 and many times 6 days a week. Our maintenance costs are going up some also as the trucks are 05 and 07's so they have some age on them. We just did an inframe rebuild on one of the trucks and was around $17,000 when it was all said and done. We go through a full set of tires about every 12 months per truck. We run around 225 miles a day roughly per truck but can go as high as 350. We do oil changes every 10K miles. The fuel mileage is around 4.5 MPG, but the truck runs all day and when loading we high idle them to around 1200 RPM for the hydraulic pump.
  10. 711SnoPro

    711SnoPro LawnSite Member
    Messages: 86

    Yeah I know when things need to be fixed the bill can get halfway to the moon sometimes. I've seen that with his box trucks, especially the ones that are a bit older and have a bunch of city miles on them.

    I had a friend of mine that runs a couple tandem dumps tell me his cost to operate is right around a dollar per mile with fuel and maintenance, no driver. I'm not sure if that sounds right or not.

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