Anyone on here have rolloff or hook trucks?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by 711SnoPro, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I am at almost a dollar a mile just for fuel. Not quite, but not far off. As I said before we only get around 4.5 MPG.. sometimes less... So when fuel climbs to almost $4 a gallon its damn near $1 a mile just for fuel. But, ANY of my numbers will not be the same as %99.99 of the trucks on the road because of the way our trucks are set up and what we do with them. We are a real specialized niche business that works around here. Here are some shots I found. I lost almost every one of my pics recently..The 2nd pics is one of our non-rolloff trucks, the shots with the large oak is me running the truck.





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    I love y'all's setup. I had a guy today offer to trade a 98' Ford FSeries self loader/dump for my gooseneck dump trailer.

    Y'all definitly found a niche market.
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  3. Dan85

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    I'll chime in a little about the hooklift option. We run two Swaploader brand hooklifts on our Kenworths; I believe they're the SL-400 and SL-240. I've had a little experience with cable roll-offs and if I had the choice, I would opt for a hooklift.

    Dump angle is excellent and there isn't any frame to get in the way. Overall, its an excellent option. Factor in the ability to haul equipment in the bed and it's a home run. We'll regularly throw a skid steer or mini-x in the can - granted you start to get close to the max legal height when you have enclosed cabs sticking out.

    Control is easy; two levers and you never get out of the cab. As far as cans go, whatever the local fab shop can put on the A-frame, you can make it into a container. We have several enclosed bodies (used as storage lockers) as well as a salter.
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    Dan can you post some pics of your set ups ?
  5. 711SnoPro

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    I think I'm sold on the hooklift idea vs a rolloff. Now I need the funding to go shopping for him! Haha

    For the guys that run these that have a van body for them, would the angle that they're set on the ground at prohibit you from having a lift deck on the back to manually unload the body while it's up on the truck?
    I don't think a tuckunder lift would work but maybe a rail type?
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    I too have been following this and researching. I will probably look at an under CDL truck for now and upgrade later. My wish list:
    Brush/trash dump
    traditional dump
    chipper dump

    Maybe the chipper dump could have a removable lid and save me a container. :)
  7. 711SnoPro

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    Yeah the more I think about it the more uses I can think of for the truck!

    I could see having:
    A few regular 30 yard containers
    A van body
    And that would be just for his business.
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    I don't think you could run a lift ramp on the back of the van body - maybe if it flipped up against the door, otherwise I think it would be digging into the ground when you rolled it off.

    One minor drawback of hauling with dumpsters is that the doors don't seal 100%, so if you're hauling stone, you might lose some dust/pebbles between the door and the body. We fixed this by putting rubber between the door and the floor.

    Here are a couple shots of our trucks in action. You can see that you get a farily good dump angle with this unit.


    They make a hell of a chip truck!


    When I'm not driving I like the bring the good camera along to get some beauty shots.

  9. 711SnoPro

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    Very nice truck!

    I wonder if a lift like this could be modified to work on a hooklift body?
  10. Dan85

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