anyone on here run the stihl 4 mix 4 stroke trimmers???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by milo, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. travis55

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    Ive had my fs 130 for a lil over a month now an love it . As mentioned before tons of power , an starts real easy . :)
  2. twj721

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    I have a FS 90 and love it a lot of low speed torque does not sound like a normal weedeater for sure
  3. LawnBrother

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  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well I see this thread got dug back up.

    In a way, I have to agree with MMLawn, and at the same time, I feel pretty Al Gore-ish on my position about handheld equipment. Before saying anything more, I've asked myself 'why' this is, and when I'm honest with myself the truth is, I'm just no longer really comfortable with any brand out there across the board anymore.

    Before the change to 4-Mix from Stihl, I was comfortable with their product line across the board. The only thing was that they didn't 'keep up' with the backpack blower segment. So I bought some Echo blowers. But now, they are putting catalylic muffler on some of the old 2 cycle stuff and they have all these new 4-mix engines.

    I am not pro-catalytic muffler at all, and I'm not pro-low emission either at all. Don't agree with the EPA's stand on this little stuff. On the other hand, I've been pro-4mix. But this is a new design, the reviews are mixed, and I'm just not all that comfortable with very much 'exposure' there... like standardizing to 4-mix.

    Also, for me the Echo's have been pretty good. But I have to admit they have required more TLC and been much less reliable. Plus the newer stuff is getting really lousy reviews. So not real comfortable there either.

    With RedMax, my own opinions and reviews have been mixed. I agree with MMLawn... over-rated and under-built compared to stihl, especially when it comes to trimmers. AND to be honest, I really have doubts about how RedMax will measure up long term. I'm still too new to them to judge. But the thing that makes me the most uncertain about them is the lingering buyout from Husqvarna. I for one am hoping the buyout falls through.

    Personally, I have really been struggling with which direction to go for a while until the cream rises to the top again.
  5. kmann

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    I had the 80 and upgraded to the 100. It has alot more power. I think it cost about 325.00
  6. S man

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    I know what you mean when you say pricey. I paid $800 out the door on mine w/ three attachments.

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