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Anyone Operate Both Diesel and Gas ZTR?

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I currently have 2 Toro 52" diesels I am selling. I love the diesel and have seen the benefits that others are scarred to try them out or just don't want to fork out the extra amount. I am selling a) because I want 60" decks b) the diesels are much heavier and if it rained over night, your not getting out at 7am to start mowing, gotta wait until about 8ish until the sun gets above the trees because the diesel will just flatten the grass to the ground and when the ground is soft like that they will tear the turf up.

I am planning on buying (2) Toro G3 60" with 29hp kawi engines. The reason I am selling the mowers is because I was new into the business and didn't think I needed a 60" so I bought the 52's with no ZTR experience.

I am THINKING of buying 1 G3 60" and 1 diesel 60". I only have problems with the diesels when these few instances occur due to weight. There are accounts where the diesel and the torque come in handy, and ofcourse it uses 75% less fuel.

So I know I am switching to atleast (1) gas model, but any one run a setup with both gas and diesel for these purposes? Did it work out?
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Others may have a different opinion, but here is mine. Going from 50" to 60", is that a wise choice right now with the economy? Do you have the business to support new mowers? Also, as I don't know much about Toro, but do your research, will a 60" save that much time over a 50", and what is the total weight between the two. Remember, 60" adds a little more weight, but is it there really that much difference in weight? I run nothing but diesel mowers and if I can help it, I will stay that way. Look at the lawns you mow, are they big areas, small areas, etc. If you have a mix of both, could you get by with just replacing one mower with a bigger one? Then it goes back to what I said earlier, will you save that much time? Look at the added fuel expense too. Hope this will help and will give you a little more to think about!
MCW615, If you need to save a little money, and with the low hours on the machines, could you buy 2-60" decks and put them on and try to sell the 50's later? Again, I don't know much about Toro's or if that is a viable option for you, but just another idea.
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