Anyone own...or know anything about the new Stihl HS 81 series Hedge Trimmer?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Talon1189, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Just curious.......The weight is down over 8 onces from the older HS 80 series in a 24" double sided blade. Lighter is always better :) Does anyone own a HS 81 yet? Tanaka appears to have the lightest commercial hedge trimmer at 11 pounds compared to the HS 81 at 11.5 pounds. Stihl has a bigger name.....and has been making excellent quaility equipment for many more years than Tanaka has :) Any input would be appreciated :)
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    I posted this in another thread here:

    Pulled from this thread:
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    Tanaka Company History Overview

    1918 - Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd. was founded near Tokyo, Japan

    1962 - Tanaka produces the world’s smallest industrial, general purpose 2-cycle engine (22cc, Model P-7)

    1974 - Tanaka develops and produces a 2.5 hp outboard motor for Sears (GameFisher®)

    1978 – Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd (Japan) establishes Tanaka Kogyo Co. (USA) Ltd., in Kent, WA to pursue and support North American sales

    1980's - Tanaka introduces the following innovations: TLE-500 walk-behind edger, BRAIN autofeed cutting head, and AST-7000 Auto-Start trimmer

    1989 – Tanaka USA is acquired by the Ariens Co. and establishes Tanaka Ltd., to continue the marketing and support of Tanaka products

    1998 - Tanaka is the first two-stroke engine manufacturer to comply with the CARB Tier II emission standards with the new PureFire® engine

    2002 - Tanaka becomes the exclusive engine supplier for BladeZ ® powerboards and powerkarts

    Chainsaws? Sure go with Stihl. Everthing else? Go with Tanaka, Shindaiwa, Redmax, or Maruyama for TRUE commercial grade equipment. vs. Stihl Drills.pdf

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    I love it when reps (or whatever position you hold) speak of their equipment as the one and only TRUE (you must of course capitalize TRUE to emphasize the lesser quality of stihl) commercial equipment. Your blanket statement against Stihl has just cost your company my money in future equipment purchases (which I actually was considering buying your 600 series edger). Combine this with the word of mouth which I will spread like wildfire with concern to your arrogant and smug opinions. Free speech is a great thing, however when you are representing a competing company it reflects poorly when you assert such ridiculous statements.

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