Anyone own or purchase a Redmax BCZ2650S, or a . . .

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by diyer999, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. diyer999

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    Or the 2460S, or both, or had either one repaired, or know anything helpful about either one, most especially the 2650.

    I need a stringer trimmer that can take a brush blade and hedge trimmer attachment, to cut about 1k Sq ft of very thick tall grass and then some tall hedges. I like the Redmax BCZ2650S. Its $50 more than the BCZ2460S, but its got a 2cc bigger engine, and a solid steel drive shaft -- I figured that would be a better choice if I need to add a hedge trimmer attachment.

    I got some information from this forum that there was some problem with the fuel pump on the maxtorque T models that were causing problems. So, I decided against any Redmax T models -- I wasnt too keen on them regardless (I agree with Alan0354, just get more HP). Then I was told there is a lousy fuel pump on all 25.4 cc engines and larger. So, that eliminated the 2650 model. The 2460S model is okay but the drive shaft is hollow steel, according to the Redmax 2013 catalog.

    But once again, going by information gotten here by RidinGreen, he says that it is neither approved or recommended to use a hedge trimmer attachment on a hollow steel shaft model trimmer. I accept that, so, that pushes me back to a solid shaft model and calling dealers. One dealer tells me that no one buys the S models anymore since the T models came out. He said the S models burn up the engine or gears, that the T model has a bigger gear head than the S model. OMG, of course, what a coincidence, he doesnt stock any S models!

    I noticed something odd after calling many Redmax dealers looking for a 2650, almost every other dealer would ask me why I picked the 2650 model, without saying so, but kind of implying that I should not have. But when I asked them in reply if they had the 2650 in stock, of course they did not stock it, but of course they had the 2460 model in stock. Only one dealer had it, but offered to sell it to me for "$10 less than the 2460" -- imagine that, ten dollars less. I didnt go for it, it's just too suspicious. He said he cant sell it. I wondered why that is? One dealer said he thinks they dont sell because of the high price, telling me that he rarely sells any trimmer for over $300 -- 300 being some price limit for most people.

    That would explain it but I want to know if it is a lemon model and why.
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    I have the 2660TS and it is GREAT. Very powerful and snappy. Hardly any warm up. Its a crap shoot with the new trimmers. I had the 3060TS and it lasted a whole 8 hours of use before it burned a hole in the piston. It took 4 minutes to warm up anyway. I like the max torque, it hardly bogs down. Don't know anything about the S model, I didn't even consider one.
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    That torque thing is nothing new. We used to run 4:11 and 4:56 posi rear gears in the 60's muscle cars. The rpms were way up there and so was the fuel consumption. Speed was quick but had limited top end. More of drag strip thing. The Ferraris, on the other hand, were dogs on the strip but kings of high speed -- their drivetrains had high gearing, the 3:00 range. Two opposite uses of gearing. Take two vehicles going the same exact speed, the one with the low rear has high rpms more HP, the high rear has low rpms more torque. So, with the trimmers, the max torque is putting out more force at a lower rpm, but maybe working harder to acheive it, the regular torque model has to run a high speed to achieve the same torque, unless you get an engine with more HP, and then it doesnt have to work as hard to do it. I think that is what Alan was saying in an older thread.

    If you increase HP but the demand is low, the engine is not as stressed. Increase the demand on it by lowering the gear ratio without raising the HP and somethings bound to give sooner or later.

    But my thread is not asking about the TS models, or any torque issue, only about the S models if there is a problem with the 2650S and why it is not selling well.
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    Hey, just to be clear for everyone, I didn't say that about not using the attachments, my RM catalog says it.

    I am not sure why you are getting the run around about the various models, but now I am curious, so I may call my dealer and ask him. He is usually pretty straight with me about this stuff. I know they are selling both the 24xx and the 26xx models at this place, but I can't say which one sells least not yet.;)
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    Im a Redmax dealer in Florida. The 2460S and the 2460TS have the exact same engine. I can only speak from my experience we do stock the S models but I keep like2 2460S on hand compared to 10 2460TS almost everyone buys the TS models. Also Im confused about the Hedge Trimmer attachment none of the trimmer models are designed to take a Hedge Trimmer attachment. Let me know if theres anything else I can help you with!
  6. diyer999

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    Uh, so that means that only the 2650 models or larger might have a fuel pump issue. Again, not saying for sure but I came across that somewhere. About two months ago I saw a 2460TS advertised on craigslist locally. It was also listed on eBay at the same time. It was priced too high and the seller was playing games asking for the best offer without saying what her best offer was, so that I might want to bid higher, so I abandoned my pursuit. She know jack about tools. I was glad I did because I read something or someone told me something about a starting issue. Recently I read a review by a guy that got a 2560S and it wouldnt start on second attempt, so he took it back under warranty. Of course, even if it didn't have any inherent problem, there will always be a certain % of lemons for any brand any item. This is just me following leads pre purchase.

    About the hedge trimmer attachment, its right there in the 2013 catalog. I thought that most brands offer that ability within the brand line anyway.
  7. diyer999

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    Oh, ok I see, you were quoting Redmax. Btw, I'm glad you mentioned that though, because now seems to be conflicting with what they are now promoting. But perhaps they made it possible since that older thread I read where you quoted Redmax, maybe changed their mind or the technology.

    They just dont want to order it if they can talk me into another model they have in stock, but they will if I insist. I'm just curious why it is overlooked as a model worth stocking. Someone told me dealers like to buy pallets of certain models and thats how they make the most money, etc., etc.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    According to my 2012/2013 catalog, the following models will accept the hedger attachments-TR2350S/BCZ2460S/BCZ2650S, but for some reason not the BCZ3050S (maybe the power in much the same way that the Stihl FS250 isn't rated for the gearbox attachmnets). That is in conflict with what their earlier catalogs said., and actually their website too. The site says which models take the gear box attachments and none of these trimmer models are listed.

    The T models or the SS models are not rated for the hedger attachments.
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  9. Ridin' Green

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    BTW- the RM rep at our openhouse back in April said the same thing- don't use the gearbox heads on the hollow shaft models. It seems no one at RM is on the same page.:rolleyes:
  10. GrassGuerilla

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    Can't really answer the OPs q, but. Most Redmax stuff is like the other manufacturers. That is to say, mostly universal. Most 24xx series have a solid splined shaft as do most 26xx series. At least the S models that I've seen. The string trimmer gear box head will interchange with the edger gear box. I have switched them. The orientation hole in the outer aluminum shaft needs to be modified. But the shafts are the same.

    I've also dealt with a couple extra shaky trimmers by simply turning the whole aluminum shaft around. Putting the gear box on the tranny end and vice versa. Switches the bearings in the shaft to the other end and viola! No charge rebuild. Of the handful of redmax trimmers I've had two that shook more than the rest. This little trick got both back in the race.

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