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Anyone park on the sidewalk to get off a major road?

Billy Rollins

LawnSite Member
I have a small strip of land that I mow once a month and it's right next to a 4 lane busy roadway. There is about 2ft of grass then about a 6ft wide sidewalk, then about 2 more feet of grass and that's the only area I have to park on because the actual part I mow is about 4ft above the road and you can't drive over that hump with a truck and trailer. I used to park in the parking lot of an apartment complex right next door, but they installed a fenced in gate and now it's probably not a good idea to park their anymore.

Anyone have any issues with the police when you have limited parking options like this? The truck will be parked just about right in front of the area that i'm mowing so I think it's fairly obvious what I'm doing. I hate to have to drop the customer because of this because it's a quick and easy mow.
Yes I do have a customer on a very busy two way road. I pull my dumpbody truck and big box trailer halfway on the sidewalk and road. The police have stopped and as long as I don’t block anyone’s drive way then they are okay with it so far.