anyone preparing for next year yet?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DiSantolandscaping, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Yea I have a plan but its difficult to make work. We make our money mowing all the other crap is bs yes there are good days but they are far out numbered by bad days lower income days. We have been running 2 two man crews 3 days a week for about 8 years now. This is our 10th season and while the numbers have improved we need a massive increase in mowing income. I don't want 5-6k a week in mowing I want 10k a week in mowing. And the way to do that for us is move to 3 man crews and 4 day cutting lists. 1250 a day per crew would be the new target instead of the 750-900 we now see. Which means I need 2 more employees plus part timers to help me on the other days of the week to keep the OT down the a minimum. I have new trucks and mint trailers 2 cycle equipment is fine but I am in need of some new mowers at least 2 what I have works but I prefer something more reliable. And lastly I need to jump my account list from about 190 too around 300 so yes I have my work cut out for me this winter.
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    Im with you. Going to be a busy offseason. I really like the way you think.
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    I got a postcard in the mail the other day. It's from an organization called the North Carolina Consumer Council. They're looking for small locally operated businesses to put forth to their members. I'm not sure where they got my information from, perhaps Dun & Bradstreet. If you don't have a D&B account you should get one. It does wonders for your businesses credibility and credit rating. Anyway, they have 30,000 consumer members and what they do is offer their members discounts on goods and services. I haven't checked them out yet but I presume the members pay for a coupon book type thing. It is no cost to the businesses. All I have to do is come up with a discount plan that I can offer to the general public.

    I've had some pretty decent results from my webpage this year and am considering a slight redesign. Just freshen it up a bit and change a couple of images to get a more professional look. I'd also like to get some professional SEO work done. Who knows how much better it could be if I had someone that knows what they're doing to increase my search engine rankings?
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    my plan is the same as last years plan, do 2000-2500 a week in mowing which should be easier because I upgraded to a 61" cheetah in june. I'm pretty close to half way right now, I've been at the 1000 week mark for too long. But next year being my 3rd year my name is getting out there more and i am getting busier. So i think my goal of another 20-25 customers is probably pretty feasible, If i can gross 10k a month off just mowing next year, I will be one happy 24 year old. hopefully most of them will want me to do shrub pruning and mulch too so that could easily bump me to 12-15k a month and having one line of credit with 12k on it will be very easy to get out of and really make buying a house a reality as long as i don't give in and buy a newer truck first. or dump truck which would be very helpful but will take me away buying a house. i'd like to have 30,000 for a down payment on house next fall/winter, so it will take a good amount of self control, and if for whatever reason i don't get approved for a mortgage i'll save up for another season, and maybe try to pick a first house up all cash, I've done crazier things.
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    Good plan and your website is nicely done. Going into my second year I will already be breaking $1000 and I will be close to breaking $1500 per week with only lawn mowing. I will also be getting into hardscaping this Summer, I will start out with some small patios and walkways, work my way up from there.

    The only thing that will hold me back is I turn 21 on May 18th, right in the middle of the Spring craziness.

  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    all my equipment is good to go, nothing really needs to be replaced, I would like to buy a new set of stihl hedge trimmers to replace the echo one i bought in a pinch to cut down a bunch of grasses 2 years ago, but its not urgent at all. a stihl kmr130 telescoping pole saw would be pretty useful but the attachment i have for my husky trimmer does the job, so again, not gonna waste the money, but i do need to pick up a jrco tine rake for spring clean ups that has already sold me 3 or 4 spring clean ups at about 200 each, so it would be good to get one while everyone else is thinking about snow still.
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    thanks, I didn't really focus on mowing this year, I did a ton of revenue in brush chipping and brush clearing, and landscaping which was all due to the storm we got oct. 31. i was doing extremely well with that but it has dried up and my focus next year will be mowing/shrub pruning and mulching, try to get landscape installs but there are probably a hundred of companys around me that are very well known and probably 20-30 years old so its not easy around here at all. even though my work is right up to if not better then those companies.
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    I know what you mean, there are over 150 lco's in New Castle County, DE.

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    Got my finances straight to buy a used backup ZTR mower, a new gravely walk behind mower, new sthil fs 90 weedeater and using my old sthil fs 70 as a backup, new stihl edger, redmax backpack blower, and dethacher for my spring clean ups lined up. yes sir ill be ready! After four years of fighting, Im finally set up with backup equipment for almost every single piece of lawn equipment I use, and Im damn proud of it! :weightlifter:
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    Not yet, still finishing Fall work for this year

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