anyone preparing for next year yet?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DiSantolandscaping, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Im just running solo, but do have some plans for 2013. Hopefully it will all work out. I purchased a used aerator for 550 bucks that needs some work. I hope to pick up enough aeration jobs in the spring to pay for itself and make me some profit. I also have to get my $ 200 dollar gravely 34" ztr going over the winter. Im hoping it will speed up a few of my yards so when spring rolls around, Ill be able to keep up and make more $$.

    By next year I also hope to have an enclosed trailer to pull/store gear...and want to learn quickbooks to make tax season easier.
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    my whole snow removal setup pays for itself several times per storm plow was 300, and my toro single stage 2 stroke snow blower was 100, with a new belt and some fresh black paint on the cover! I gross about 1400 every time we get a storm over 2" and up to 6" with 30 accounts they take on average 4 minutes to plow the driveway and shovel or snow blow any sidewalks. not a great profit, but definitely a solid start.
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    You said a house loan and a car loan are the two easiest loans to get...

    well car loan is easy to get and they rarely ask for proof of income... rarely that is... but a home loan lol good luck with that... have to have a min of 3 years tax returns being self imployed... the'll want bank statements, tax returns you name it... and no more than 36% of your income can be in bills... man a home loan nowadays is like trying to get a virgin on the first date... just not gonna happen easily lol

    My step father is heavy investor in the real estate market... and I hear about this stuff everyday... my credit is shot i went bankrupct at 20... thank god my lovely girlfriend has her sh*t together... she's 24 though and bought her first house ($71k) at 22. So even she knows its a pain to get a home loan, and if you dont get documents in on time you have to redo the whole process... its lengthy... her and i are currently bidding on a 4 family for rental property... well she is I'm just the guideness along with my step father... i dont have the credit history or credit score to get approved for it lol

    once you see the restrictions to get a home loan now you'll almost be like forget this why even bother... i hope you do get the loan but just letting you know its a lot harder than you think
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    You've got a girlfriend involved in your finances? your already screwed, you just don't know it yet LOL
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    That is a lot of growth. I guess I didn't state what I wanted within a year with that whole franchise + 90 full service clients. Next year if I get the franchise and land 20 full service clients within a month or two of the season starting I'd be happy with my starting position gain a few more per month is what I'd like to see. On top of grossing $10,000/month in installs. As I had said though, 12 months from now I want to own a house. Hopefully I can make it happen.

    I'm 21, as it states in my signature :hammerhead: You are young also, correct? Or maybe I had mistaken you for someone else on here.
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    It's not too bad if your company is a LLC or Inc. The real difficulty comes if you are a sole proprietor. Then you have to prove the viability of your income. I had 2 things going for me last year. I have a real web presence that has been established for years, and a Dun & Bradstreet listing. Dun & Bradstreet is a business credit rating agency.
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    I'm gonna have 0 percent of my income go to bills before I buy a house, everything will be paid in full, I already have very little debt, my credit score is close to 720 i already have almost no bills, under 400 a month.

    that growth was over 2 years time though not all in the same year, It was still alot of growth I agree but i wasn't turning down work, I grossed about 600% more this year too which I would almost say is normal for a company that is still new to the market, usually i see business grow a lot in the first 4 years then it gets harder to grow, I could be wrong. and yes I am pretty young just turned 24 back in august. but i have been doing this since i was 14 part time until april of 2011. so really i have only been in it for a year an a half full time and advertising, I did a season full time no advertising, I was able to make enough to pay my bills and have fun but it was tight, then the next year i registered and advertised and it was easy, and this year has been pretty easy as far as making money goes, next year should be even better!
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    hahaha... she's actually my soon to be fiance... should be picking up the ring in the next week or two... so i guess ill be further in the loony bin but oh well you only live once right? :laugh:

    her and I are a team- I have a 3 year old so i dont do the whole game play stuff, shes great lol
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    For 2013 I'm focusing on making my route tighter , bringing on more accounts as well as signing on more accounts I'd like go get the better grades of lawns minimal hills flat nice sun shade mix.

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