Anyone profit from Storm Recovery or Obstructions Surcharges?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SOMM, Aug 29, 2005.

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    This might make some more money for you, if you try it on new accounts with dense tree canopies over their lawns, or who have zero time the next few years because of their school & work hours......

    We got an "obstructions surcharge" clause on our written-agreements that covers us and our regular clientele for everything from cultural issues such as: core aerating some accounts twice-annually due to "poor soil absorbtion of water, fertilizers and soil amendments", to the extra time it takes us clearing storm damage or debris out of their yards and hauling it offsite (limbs, sticks, overgrowth from exessive storm systems) that's payed off pretty well lately, and pleased all the bluegrass/fescue lawn customers who all took the time to write "thanks alot" on their returned invoice copies - not one belly-aked about it and 75% have already signed up again for another set of lawn and shrub maintenance seasons (We're calling the other 25% of burmudagrass accounts this week, none of whom have any significant trees or that kind of storm damage).

    We price obstructions and storm recovery at $23 per quarter hour for the entire 2 or 3 person crew rate. We price it cheaper than our $25-per-
    quarter-hour crew rate for leaves, or the $24-per-quarter-hour bed maintenance (includes mulch and preem) with shrub trim. The differing rates get nobody confused. The trigger is our own call, usually within 3 days of the damages at our own schedule.

    Our local DaveyTree extends us a supurb discount to sub them for MAJOR storm damage of our clientele (the tornado's blown half the entire 5-story Oak tree into their garage !). Alot of storm damage of the stories-high trees can be prevented from an annual or at least semi-annual Deep Root Fertilizer Treatment (12 to 14 month time release) from Davey Tree. Davey's deep tree root fertilizations are a reel-line from their tank-truck to a pogo-stick apparatus which operator injects the time-release fertilizer gel into the deep roots surrounding drip-lines of trees and shrubs - for literally 14 months worth of fertilizing to strengthen the root network of trees to prevent blow-over and excessive limb drops. The topgrowth of the trees and shrubs do not surge, as the focus is specifically improving linear strength in the upper trunk, leaders and root network (without deep root tree fertilizer, some of our accounts' trees had to have upper-limbs cabled-together so all upper limbs swayed in unison, as opposed to dangerously 'orbiting' independently upon their own individual axis's). We've had Davey do this for us for a decade successfully. It also reduces need for tree insect spray treatments because the trees are so well fortified against stresses via the deep root tree fertilizer's multiple benefits. Deep Root Tree Fertilization can be done anytime the stories-tall trees are damaging your client's lawns by the massive, yellowing fertilizer draft of tree roots from the turf below them, especially from the expensive fall-fertilizer you've just applied that was intended solely for the turf.

    Davey also discounts for LCO's on lawn weed or fungus treatments, insecticides, and all tree maintenance. The deep tree root fertilization gets done for all the shrubs on premesis as a bonus to the LCO.
    We wish Sean would contact Davey to set up a Tree Forum, due to the symbiotic relationship lawns and trees have in the Home & Commercial

    Anyone else have an obstructions or storm-recovery surcharge that works well for them? Thanks in advance !
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    The two storms we had last year put a hurting on me big time. Every single yard I had that was covered in limbs client did not want to pay any extra. One offered me 5 dollars for 2 hours of limb cleanup. I had to tell every client when I got to their house that it was extra, they could do it or I could drop them, I had to get downright ugly about it. I hope this year the high winds miss us. I have grown to HATE a pecan tree!
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    Oh my god, I was just thinking to myself "I wish I didnt have school in a week, or else I would be renting a dump trailer with a skid steer and be headed down there to stay in tenn or something until the storm passes through.

    I didnt want to say anything though because I figured some people might think of it as taking advantage of the situation.

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