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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scraper, Jan 27, 2004.

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    Everyone seems to be so persistent that they have cracked a big case, the case being that we had tried to pull off that this website was for a fictional business. At no time did we state that this was for a fictional business. Our professor had given us the choice to design a site for either a fictional or non-fictional business. We had decided to make one for our fictional business, Pro-Turf. We had made the site using DreamWeaver in school, passed it in…got the grade…done! We registered the domain name while it was still available and had my friend Amy, who we went to high school & UMass with launch the site, as she is attempting to start her own web design business. And Yes, Amy was supplied with all the content as she had said, BECAUSE we already had the site from our project. Amy just smoothed out some rough edges and made it a little bit more attractive then we had it and launched it. I left the part about Amy out of the original email I had wrote, I didn’t think that much detail was necessary, apparently I was mistaken. The site was launched and has remained idle since. It was not used for the business, as you could see there were numerous grammatical errors, did not flow very well etc. The site is not listed on our business cards, letterhead, trucks, trailers or various other equipment. We had wanted the site to be up & running to begin marketing it to our customers, but spring came and we got much too busy and forgot about the site. Getting the site to 100% is amongst our things to do this winter.

    We are not looking for sympathy, respect or anything along those lines. We understand using the pictures in question was a mistake. The site was taken down within 10 hrs of our awareness of the issue. To put things in a nutshell. The site was made for a school project, then launched and registered with a domain name late last winter. Spring came and work started. The website was the LAST thing on our priority list. The website sat idle until this winter when plans of getting it up and running 100% were to be completed. So yes, the website was available for a customer to see if they went online and did a search for our company, apparently it was possible they could find the site. We did not get any emails in 2003 regarding our website from customers. When it is said that the website was not used for the business it is meant that it has not been marketed to anyone via business cards, letterhead, trucks etc. This winter/spring we are planning on getting the website 100% functional and to begin marketing it.

    The reason we did not respond immediately yesterday, is because we are in the midst of a snowstorm in our area and we have numerous other things of importance than to play online all day. Metro Lawn & TreeGodFather seem to think they are the Sherlock Holmes of Lawnsite. MetroLawn called our office and “figured out” this is a real business, then he went as far as calling Amy to chew her out. None of the pictures in question are MetroLawn’s, yet he has nothing better to do than to call our office and call Amy to “crack the case”. Simple email communication is not good enough for him? The Tree Godfather has enough time on his hands to “figure out” the domain name is registered to a non-fictional business! And that the site is 2 years old, when it is actually only one year old to date…Great job Sherlock!!

    I commend 65Hoss & 1MajorTom and a few others, because these few gentleman, unlike most of the other Lawnsite members involved in this thread approached this issue with an open mind. We received a simple email from 65Hoss concerning the issue. We responded as soon as the email was received. Due to the nature of some of the emails we had received, why would we even consider responding to them? We responded to those who emailed with at least a grain of professionalism. As keen as the Lawnsite detectives may be, they failed to read the part that said the website could be for a fictional or non-fictional business. Of course the business is real, why else would we be on Lawnsite with over 400 posts.

    To end, I apologize to any and all of those who were effected in one way or another and I hope that others take this as a lesson learned. I do not expect everyone to believe my story and I expect much more scrutiny & criticism as this tends to be a rather pessimistic environment.

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    I'll take that as a "Thank You"...

    You're welcome.
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    This is the reason I discontinued using this site for about a year, I just recently had an inquiry concerning my business and turned to this site for some help, and was grateful it was available, Pro Turf, you did the right thing, stood up for yourself and admitted any fault, regardless of it was intentional or not. If you do not give anyone anything to push against, it will disappear on it's own, and then you can continue to use all of the legitimate resources available.....stick to the center and let all of the chaos spin around you.....
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    Thanks Pro Turf. It takes a man to stand up with everyone acting like babies to face things head on.

    All of you who responded, emailed, called, etc with all the harsh things DID NOT know EricELM. He would have never treated anyone like some of you did. If he were alive today and asked by Pro Turf to use the pics for class, EricELM would have freely and happily allowed him to use the pics. I've seen him do it many times before. His motto was "Pay it forward" for a reason.

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    Hmm... so...

    "Got the grade"... hope it was an "F"... for plagiarism.

    Oh, I knew you were a real business before I even looked... I've seen you around. You do nice work... you should take your OWN pics...

    Copying someone elses hard work is EVERYONE'S problem. You'd be mighty PO'd if I went and snapped pics of YOUR hard-worked jobs and passed them off as mine... 'specially without asking. Your professor obviously didn't have anything to say on ethics.

    YOU should have addressed the issue sooner. You dropped the ball, now take your medicine.

    Yep... I have all the time I want to "play" online. That's what happens when you're a grown-up.
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    I was thinking the same thing.
  8. 1MajorTom

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    I'd say this thread has run its course.
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