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Anyone run doubles on Hydro WB?



LawnSite Bronze Member
NW Indiana
Ok did alot of searching on it and have a few questions.

1. Will I need a longer bolt? , Ive read alot of pepole needing a longer bolt and alot of pepole not needing a longer bolt. Got a part # for the longer bolt?

2. Why doesnt hustler make a bracket like Dixie Chopper to run doubles. Im going to put them on each other and see if they move.


LawnSite Member
Tried them on my 17/48 hydro WB. Used blade #XL773481 on the bottom and Gator #779330 on the top. Didn't think I had enough power with the 17hp. Went back to using the Gator blade only. Liked the way the doubles discharged the clippings. Did not try the double setup with the mulch kit installed.