Anyone run tea thru irrigation system?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by wallzwallz, May 19, 2008.

  1. wallzwallz

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    Has anyone run tea through an irrigation fert injector? What about ICT Bill, have your products been used thru 1 of these systems? This system is run off a well, so no chlorine issues. It isn't installed yet, just wondering if it has a usefull role in organics or not. Thanks for any responses.
  2. Daner

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    I think You have a great Idea there
  3. ICT Bill

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    Fertigation is a wonderful thing

    Absolutely, these things will get down to 4000 to 1 ratios for very concentrated stuff, ours is more 250 or 300 to 1. The comment I hear back most is, "when I start to smell that nice earthy smell I know the fertigation system is working"

    What if you could fertigate while you cut grass?? or something like that
  4. treegal1

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    fertigate on, most tea will survive. and it does not mind some water.

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    I Want To Do This Year
  6. ICT Bill

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    I do the poor mans fertigation through my dial and spray miracle grow thingy, I fill it with compost tea hook one end to the hose bib and the other to the hose and either water or hook it to the drip hoses I have buried under my shrub/flower beds

    Don't need it now as we have already gotten over 7 inches of rain this month, I am about to start building an arc

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