Anyone running a sulky Quick dually?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WHIPPLE5.7, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. WHIPPLE5.7

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    I get a more than my fair share of wheel spin when powering one wheel at a time. This is my first dual hydro walkbehind so if this is normal just let me know. I love the mower and it exceeds my expectations of what it would be like but I'm just worried about the sulky issue. If I walk all day of the turf keeping up with the mower my feet and ankles are killing me so I really want to make this work. Also I'm not the smallest guy around(250lbs.), so I guess that might be contributing as well.
  2. trainerboy

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    I have a 44" Samauri Dually. I just bought a step-saver sulky from BOP. I've used it one time and I already have issues with it.
    When I ride the sulky I seem to loose a large amount of dexterity with the controls. It is real jerky and skitish on the controls making it a constant battle to hold a straight line.
    I did a search on steering dampers (on and found someone talking about some dampers that are self centering. I have taken the dampers off of my Dixon Kodiak and it acts like its having an epileptic sezuire when I try to control it. With them on it handles like a dream. I know this is going to fix the issue.....I just need to hurry up and get those dampers.

    I have heard other brand of WB's being skitish on the controls. It isn't something that is exclusive to the brand.
  3. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Well my problem really isn't with the controls or keeping a straight line. Those areas seem to be quite well. Its just that if I'm stopped or almost stopped and I go to run one Hydro to make a sharp turn it will sometimes just spin the wheel. If I have both Hydros powered at the same time it goes well but I lose my ability to make the sharp corners or 180s.
  4. ed2hess

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    Locked differential is the solution to the problem of spinning but you would tear the heck out of the grass. There is a limit to how much a light weight unit can pull and apperently you have reached that point. By the way those hydros surely do both drive forward at the same time unless you got a single hydro...
  5. Dodge2

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    Just my .02 cents but lower the rear tire pressure to about 3/4s of what it is now and that should give it a little more traction. And if that doesn't work try adding about 60-70 pounds to the back of the mower and with the tire pressure down it should not have anymore ground pressure than when you bought it.
  6. trainerboy

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    I see you made your own sulky. I'm thinking this is your problem.....
    Before I bought my sulky from BOP I talked to them about using an aftermarket one that I found for $150 on ebay. I was itching to save some money so I asked about making some modifications (drilling some holes) to mount the bracket for it. The bracket mounted in the center like most of them do but the Quick Dually's have the control rods located right in the way. My questions were whether or not my warranty would be affected by these mods.
    He told me he has run into this several times and the problem with it will be weight distribution. The Quick mowers are significantly lighter than most WB's so even small disturbances in the weight distribution of the mower will have an impact on the performance. This is why the step-saver sulky that they make for that mower mounts on the sides instead of the middle. Another thing he said makes a difference is the height of the sulky frame (attachment arm(s))off the ground in relation to the center of gravity of the mower. He said if the frame arm of the sulky (the arm(s) that is bolted to the mower) is sloped it could impact the weight distribution.
    NOTE.... I was surprised when he said my modifications wouldn't void the warranty (unless I tried to relocate those control arms or something like that). They are top notch on the customer service end.

    I would take a long hard look at your homemade sulky. I'm not knocking your craftsmanship, it just sounds like there is some physics issues going on with it.
  7. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Here is my sulky. It mounts the same way BOP's does. Its an old one I got on Ebay cheap from the back half and then I welded up the front half with scrap I had laying around. From what I can tell the only thing missing from BOP's is the quick release type mounting, I actually have to take the bolts off(1 total minute).

  8. lawntennis

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    I fabricated a bracket for a proslide. Took it out for the first time today on a spring clean-up. It kept doing wheelies. After reading what Trainerboy heard from BOP, I think it may be mounted to high. It's going to rain tomorrow so I can mess with it but I may have a proslide for sale real soon.
  9. lifetree

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    Very good post explaining the weight distribution issue !!
  10. Happy Frog

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    The problem comes from your sulky.

    The distance between the attachment points and the sulky wheel axis is longer than on the BOP Step-Saver. This increases the arm needed to move the sulky in turns and this is where your problem lies.

    I understand the need for saving money but I invite you to revise the way you built your sulky.

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