Anyone running the 27 or 28hp Toro Turbo force

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by toddy204, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. toddy204

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    Anyone running the Toro 500 series 60" cut with a 27 or 28 hp motor. How does it cut. Does it have plenty of power? How does the yard look after mowing? Does it stripe well? I am debating between a Toro and an Exmark 27 or 28 60" cut. Please tell me what you think.
  2. tacoma200

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    Sounds like you are having a little trouble picking out a ZTR. First of all except for the decks there is very little difference between a commercial Exmark and a Toro. The Exmark can be bought with the old tried and true Ultra Cut which gives a very smooth cut but isn't as great in wet grass. Still a great deck. The new Exmark deck, the Triton is supposed to be a better deck (especially in wet conditions)and some love it and some don't. I guess it all depends on the type grass and conditions. I hear very few complaints on the Turbo Force deck but for some reason Toro isn't as popular as the Exmark line of ZTR's.
    The Turf Tiger gives a very good cut, probably not as good as the Lazer in dry conditions. But I use it more than the Lazer because it will give a very good cut dry, wet, overgrown, etc. The Scag Velocity plus is just a great all around deck. I think the Scag is built a little heavier and it's a no contest on hills. The Exmark and Toro will not hold a hill as well as the Scag Turf Tiger. The Scag has a single smaller tank under the seat and a very low center of gravity. The Velocity plus deck stays very clean compared to the Exmark decks I've used. The Scag is not as maneuverable in tight spots and the levers have a lot of dampening. They are all 3 great mowers. I would do a demo in the Spring in the thick damp early season grass and just see which one you like the best.

    Not sure which seems to stripe better. If I really cared about striping I would buy a roller. You probably can't go wrong with any of these brands, it's just more of a matter of personal preference. I use the Scag more because it will handle more, its the work horse of the two.

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    The Toro is a better product than the Exmark..overall. Toro owns Exmark... the basic machine...frame, seat, tanks, will be basically the same. The deck is where you'll see the major difference. Exmark uses smaller aluminum spindles. Toro uses larger cast-iron spindles. Exmark uses 10 gauge steel on the top of the deck and 7 gauge steel on the skirt. Toro uses 7 gauge steel throughout the entire deck assembly. Price difference between the two brands isn't much, but you'll get a better value (quality-wise) out of the Toro.

    Just my two cents ;-)
  4. tennesseelawnguy

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    We addded a 500 series with the turbo force deck and a 28hp kawasaki to our crew last year. It's still relatively new with low hours but so far it's done a great job. The power is nice and the cut is great too.No problems cutting wet grass. Haven't cut any really high grass yet as we try not to let the grass get out of control if we can help it.As far as the stripes it all depends on the grass, the height you're cutting at and what type of striping kit you're using. imo This is our 4th Toro and all in all we've been very happy with them
  5. toddy204

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    Thinking of going with an Exmark instead?
  6. pieperlc

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    Have had a Toro 72" 28 hp Diesel for 3 years now. We've been very happy with it. The diesel has enough power 95% of the time even on the 72" deck. The turbo force has been a great deck for us as well. It will clump some in longer, wet grass, but I don't think you'll find a 72" deck that cuts perfect in long wet stuff. I would think a 60" or smaller turbo force would cut great in wet or dry stuff.
  7. rlander06

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    My 52" Toro Turbo Force Works very well in wet or dry conditions. With the adjustable baffle I can open or close it depending on the grass wetness.

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