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Anyone running the Exmark 26" WB?


LawnSite Senior Member
I was looking at this thing at my dealer and I like everything about it except for the weight and mostly the cable shifted and belt driven transmission. It seems like a cheap design and how many belts will smoke with the extreme weight. I really want a mower that size so I can get through gates and still mow pretty quick but is this thing junk or good.

Tom c.

LawnSite Member
north jersey
I saw one at a dealer too Id love to get some feedback on it. I asked the dealer about it and he said theyre doing good. But Id like to hear it from someone whos using one. Its seems like itd be a great machine to get through small gates .Anyone out there using them?:confused:


LawnSite Member
East Texas
I have the 26" and have had no problems so far. The one thing you need to do is take the belt cover off, it will clog with grass and cause the belts to come off and tear up. The other thing is the weight it is pretty heavy compared to the regular 21". I do love having the oil filter on Kawi. I firmly believe that is the life of any engine and it is nice to have one on your push mower. I keep it and the oil chenged regulary.