Anyone seen this Nightscaping fixture yet?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by irrig8r, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Be cautious in using these LEDs in your fixture upgrades. Remember the past troubles everyone in your area had with the salt air from The Bay corroding fixtures? It also happened to some sockets (SCB and bi-pin), and it will happen to some LED lamps.

    Brilliance carries an IP67 rating for the SCB and bi-pin, and uses an overcoat sealer to protect the pcb and internal parts. And the products now carry a 5-year warranty. The photo you show of the Brilliance lamp is the older style diodes. The newer style is about 30% brighter.
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    Hi Steve.

    The Brilliance-Dynasty design looks weatherproof. The ones I've encountered so far just don't measure up for light output though.

    I will remain cautious about using LEDs in open air fixtures. Salt air was never a big issue in my area, as I am a few miles from the bay and 20-odd miles from the ocean.

    Corrosion issues I (and a lot of people) experienced with earlier Nightscaping products (not stainless, brass or copper) had to do with regular sprinkler exposure and aluminum spikes in clay soil.

    My concerns with "drop in" LEDs overall is that as their life is rated (L70) at tens of thousands of hours, they will likely outlast the sockets in irrigated landscapes, and maybe even outlast some fixtures.

    BTW, remember the "Socket Saver" that Nightscaping used to sell? Basically a heavy, smelly grease. My experience with it from using 93, 1141 and 1156 SCBs in open air fixtures with inverted sockets was that it would bake into a gummy paste. Big disappointment.

    Maybe somebody ought to come up with a light but persistent synthetic grease that doesn't break down with heat, in an easy to use, no mess, syringe style applicator.
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    Ive had great luck in my area with ideals noalox. Even in down light fixtures I never had melt down. Some guys complained about it turning into a watery liquid and sliding down the mr16.... 3m makes a great product (cant remember name) try google. Last time we spoke about this on here alot of guys were speaking highly of whatever brand unique was selling.
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    In response to the dynasty lamp even at 30 percent more output is it even close to a 20watt? The one that i played with in my office (same style as pictured) barely put out enough light to be equal to a 10 watt. Focus has a pretty nice scb. Similar to the dynasty but very bright 1 led. Illumicares led is great for the application I used it in. Focus PL11 fixtures. Sockets are horizontal and I had the under hoods painted white. At one condo association we have 180 fixtures setup like that..... They have pop up irrigation heads at that location so we opted to put lenses on the fixtures. But they are rated for open style fixtures(just not recommended to have direct irrigation spray hit them)
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    Actually I wonder why I didn't get one of those little plaques from them....... Guess you have to purchase more then 300 retros a year?
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    As I recall, Illumicare offers a 4 year warranty. I hope that increased competition causes all LED resellers/ manufacturers to continue to improve performance, reduce costs and offer solid warranties as they scale up.

    In January of 2011 Illumicare said:

    I posed a question today on their sponsor forum about following up on that.

    They do have an interesting looking IP68 rated PAR 36 replacement.
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    The light distribution from the Portobello is really nice. This one came with a 3000K LED. Next time I will specify the 2700K.

    The 3000K is a bright white. It doesn't match the halogens with frosted lenses on site. The LED diffuses well on it's own, but the halogens are definitely warmer.

    On a whole new project, with no existing lighting, 3000K would probably look pretty good though.

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