Anyone send newsletters to customers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 94gt331, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Well, thanks for that. But you don't have to kill, for God sake. You can come up any time and I would take time to talk with you.

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    Everyone play nice. It is great to have different opinions that's what makes this site great, but we don't have to sh#t on each other.
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    I send out monthly E-Newsletters on the first of every month. My customers have said to me they love them! I have also had customers tell me it reminds them about the other services I offer which has helped.

    Here is my most recent newsletter : KLC September Newsletter

    THE SECRET TO SUCCESS: Make customers WANT to open the email. A newsletter that is ALL about you business can be very boring. My approach is to have no more than 2 articles about my services/business and the rest are geared towards the customer. Whether it is DIY Lawn Care tips or fun trade-related trivia, if you make it fun, your open rate will reflect that!
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    monthly newsletters keep you top of mind with your customers. They are really branding as much as to gather new sales. I use a service for my service vines company called mailchimp they have some great looking templates for email newsletters and you can see how many people clicked opened etc. I think that @kirkmbrown2001 is right on.
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    Thanks for all the responses! I'm going to make some time soon to make a newsletter and send to my customers. Seems like everyone likes doing that too.
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    I think all of the suggestions here are great. I have one thing to add. I do a newsletter in the spring/fall informing customers of all the seasonal offerings but I find that, for whatever reason, I can't crank out a monthly letter. I felt like I could be bringing in more business so what I started doing was a quick flier pushing a certain product or service and genuinely creating a need with my existing customers. I just put the flier in with monthly invoices. My latest flier was for Rain/Freeze Sensors for irrigation systems. It went like this...

    It has our logo at the top and a picture of a wireless rain/freeze sensor. It's easy money and makes your customers feel like you are looking out for them. Other fliers I've done include mulch, LED holiday lights... always a single product/service that is quick, easy and creates a need.
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    Hey everyone -- We have a great product that would work for giving your customer something personal while keeping your name in your customers view - it's our Seasonal Service Calendar. It's distributed by mail or while you distribute your standard door hanger. Because it is completely customizable, it allows you to give your customer a calendar that includes a check list of all the services they will need from you during the upcoming season. Our design is really handy for the customer as well because it has space for them to fill out the date you gave them when they called to schedule the service with you.

    You can distribute this at the same time as you distribute your standard door hanger with our innovative Band-It design that allows you to distribute two ads at a time. Right now you can get 1,000 4.25 x 11 Door Hangers to put your standard advertising information on and 1,000 of the 6x9 Seasonal Calendars including Stick-It so they can post it on their fridge & be prepared to call you for the upcoming services... including design & freight for $255.

    Go to for more information OR
    Request samples to be mailed to you at so you can check them out
    or just give us a call if you need more information -- 866-778-4254

    Robin Christopherson
    Adeas Printing
    866-778-4254 ext 200
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    Where Can I find Monthly news letters to send to my customers
  9. 94gt331

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    Just make your own. Add your own ideas and pictures etc. My local card store makes mine for me.
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    94gt331 You wouldn't happen to have one you could email me to help me get started Just to give me a idea on what im looking for. Thanks !

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